20 Funny Stories Of Dealing With Insufferable Family Members

Published 1 year ago

Family can mean everything to you, but even so on occasion it also means you have to put up with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. While its true that family can make us feel great, there are just as many occasions where their actions can be unacceptable to us. This may be on the part of a parent, a sibling or even a child. As one famous cliche states, “We don’t have to like our children to love them”.

Today we explore a few amusing incidents of this nature where folks shared their most annoying experiences when it came to various family members and we have to admit, some of these resonate in such an accurate way, you’re bound to find the funnies in it too. 

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#1 My Mom Borrowed My (Nearly New) Heels Months Ago And Forgot Them In Her Car. She Found Them Like This Today. This Is Why I Hate Letting People Borrow Stuff

Image source: likeneelyohara

#2 Stupid Twins

Image source: nofilterblonde

#3 My 2-Year-Old Son Decided To Throw His Sippy Cup At Our 65″ TV

Image source: Milfshake23

#4 My Dad Does This To Avoid Cutting Pepperoni

Image source: Zealousideal_Cut5569

#5 Honestly I Doubt That Purse Would Ever Be Used For Anything As Useful Again

Image source: cat_beltane

#6 Brother Used My First Edition 1998 Chamber Of Secrets As A Coaster

Image source: LazyLengthiness7567

#7 That Smirking Face! So Proud Of Her Work

Image source: madjedi55

#8 After My Parents’ Divorce My Mother Ripped My Father Out My Childhood Photos. He Passed Away Over Two Years Ago And We Don’t Have Many Photos Together

Image source: Designer_Dentist644

#9 My Sister Called And Asked Why Her Dryer Kept Stopping

Image source: Agreeable-Camera5420

#10 Wife Left The Gloves To Dry, I Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: RoninGR

#11 How My Sister Leaves The Bathroom

Image source: TouchingPriests

#12 My 39-Week-Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With

Image source: w3rewulf

#13 A Very Slow Flushing Toilet Led To My Discovery Of The Most Ironic Toilet Clog. Kids Are Annoying Sometimes

Image source: Lucno

#14 I Took A Stupid Photo, And It Has Become The Default Photo My Family Now Sends Each Other Instead Of “Ok”

Image source: CapnFancyPants

#15 Pours A Brand New Bag Of Chips Into A Dog Bowl, Just To Eat It Out Of The Bowl

Image source: GABBY21leo

#16 My Husband Has Been Sticking These In Places I Can’t Reach To Annoy Me. It’s Working

Image source: Kimmer22

#17 The Toilet Paper At My Dad’s House. He Still Complains About How Quickly I Go Through It

Image source: Stabbi_nyfe

#18 I Tried Turning On The TV And It Wouldn’t Turn On. I Opened The Remote And I Find This

Image source: GraceWRX

#19 The Hair Brush My Daughter Leaves Hanging In The Shower

Image source: maddogcas2383

#20 My Aunt Saw No Harm In Taking My Pops Down From My Shelf And Letting My 4-Year-Old Cousin Play With Them While I Was At School

Image source: EggsdaEggs

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