20 Times Parents Dealt With Hilariously Terrible Things At Home

Published 1 year ago

Parenting is not as easy as it seems and even the best parents struggle to keep things together at home. A few of them, however, decide to document their struggles with cameras and share those moments on social media to show other parents that they are not alone.

Today, we have collected some photos of parents being done with kids and some of these are truly hilarious. Check out the funniest ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Things I Fished Out Of My Subwoofer Today

Image source: LunarFisher

#2 It Was At Exactly This Moment That My Son Realized His Mistake

Image source: frisbm3

#3 Graduating From Temple University After 15 Years Working Full-Time And Balancing My Life. Got Married, 2 Daughters, Built A House. Attempted To Make Graduation Family Photo

Image source: northeastunion

#4 My Daughter Had My Wife’s Phone On A Long Car Ride. She Ordered All The Barbie Dream Houses From Amazon

Image source: NinkovichPlease

#5 My Friend’s Kid Got Stuck In Our Cat Tower

Image source: punch_you

#6 My 10-Year-Old Nephew Told His Mom He Doesn’t Know How His Phone Broke. He Just Woke Up And It Was Like That. A Few Days Later She Finds He Posted This On Youtube

Image source: SisteroftheMoon16

#7 Tell Me You Have A Three-Year-Old Without Telling Me You Have A Three-Year-Old

Image source: Lost-Cateran

#8 I Thought I Had Put Socks On My Son This Morning. Turns Out They Were Gloves. My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This

Image source: shedreamsofunicorns

#9 My Son Decided Taking The Labels Off Everything Was A Great Idea

Image source: Licked_Cupcake92

#10 The Teacher Actually Only Told Him Not To “Make A Habit Of It.” So I Wonder How Many Times Makes A Habit? I Also Wonder If I Should Hide The Popcorn Popper

Image source: ElisaStoneLeahy

#11 Do You Have Any Advice For Me?

Image source: GrahamKritzer

#12 My Daughter Just Said “Here Papa” And Put These In My Pocket. I Have No Idea Which Piece Of Cheap Furniture Is Now Dangerously Unstable

Image source: Myomyw

#13 My Sister Sent My 11-Year-Old Nephew To School Today With What She Thought Was A Fresca Packed In His Lunch

Image source: Jibbety

#14 It Makes 1 Hour That They’re Looking For Their Car Keys That Their Kid Buried Inside The Sand

Image source: Deimos_PRK

#15 Thanks, Apple. I’ll Let Her Know

Image source: Parelius

#16 She’s Going To See A Cow Today

Image source: ayoobrennan

#17 No More Animals In The House

Image source: i_miss_the_days

#18 My Life Is Never Dull, Guys. Never

Image source: LLcoooltweet

#19 Parenting Doesn’t Pay Enough

Image source: btsquared2

#20 Not To Brag, But My Daughter Has Me Ranked As The 11th Best Dad

Image source: No-Relation2437

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