10+ Images Show The World Where Animals Switched Places With Humans

Published 8 years ago

With these parallel universe illustrations, animals are taking it upon themselves to show the cruelty they often have to endure at the hands of humans.

Our friends at Bored Panda have compiled a list that portrays animals and humans switching roles, and the result is rather disturbing. Sure, it’s easier to ignore problems when they’re not our own, but these illustrations help us to imagine ourselves in these very real situations. And they aren’t situations you’d like to find yourself in…

We must warn you, the content is graphic, yet so is the grim reality that these animals face.

(h/t boredpanda)

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Image source: Vin Paneccasio


Image source: Larry Torro


Image source: Adrian Viera


Image source: Larry Torro


Image source: damnkidyk


Image source: DrBonerman


Image source: Dan Piraro


Image source: Jamie Charteris


Image source: Christopher Golebiowski



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