30 Times People Remained Unfazed In The Most Unexpected Situations

Published 3 years ago

No matter how much plan or prepare, sometimes things tend to simply not go our way – and it’s during situations like these that it’s extremely important to not loose your cool. However, that often proves to be harder than it may sound – but not for everyone.

The users of the r/hmmm subreddit are sharing pictures of people who managed to stay unfazed in the most unexpected of situations, and most of us can only aspire to be this cool. Check out these badasses in the gallery below!

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Image source: naranman314


Image source: PB_Monk3y


Image source: whitebarrys


Image source: porr1t0


Image source: digeratisensei


Image source: RocketRambo


Image source: dizzydwarf28


Image source: Apostjustforthis


Image source: smilon1


Image source: Maelarion


Image source: CamTheChest


Image source: lewisyext


Image source: reddit.com


Image source: FortPhoenix


Image source: ab436m


Image source: MrMariomans


Image source: ilikemountaingoats


Image source: itsyaboy_spidey


Image source: reddit.com


Image source: No.Mad


Image source: ItsMOLESTIO


Image source: Cranium_Insaneum


Image source: fvck3dup


Image source: barbadosas


Image source: eratropicoil


Image source: CamTheChest


Image source: itsyaboy_spidey


Image source: bigbigbigwow


Image source: necromimi


Image source: 12321232123212321a

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