Paris Hilton Shows Off Her Art And People Are Conflicted

Published 4 years ago

Paris Hilton is a celebrity that never ceases to surprise us. One day she’s the star of a reality TV show, the other she’s a singer, a party DJ and apparently now she’s even an amateur artist. The celebrity recently gave a tour of her art room where she says she’s been spending a lot of time in since the lockdown but people had pretty mixed opinions when they saw her art.

Paris showed the collages and drawings she had been creating and some people where quick to judge her, calling her art “an insult” to artists and a “twelve year old’s dream”. Others, however, defended her, saying that she’s merely having fun and is not hurting anyone. Love it or hate it, you know what they say – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See Paris’ art in the gallery below!

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Paris Hilton recently gave her fans a tour of her art room

She showed some of the collages she’d been making

The celebrity even made a collage of all her favorite skulls

Paris also loves drawing cats

This is a new collage the artist is currently working on

Paris even made some collages featuring pictures of herself

The celebrity revealed that the emoji collage is one of her favorites

Here’s a painting of a cat she made for her boyfriend’s mom

She had even done a doodle of a cat for a charity called Doodles for Dollars

See the full video of Paris’ quarantine activities in the gallery below

Image credits: Paris Hilton

In the video, Paris revealed she has been going crazy cutting things out of every magazine she bought. She also loves to draw on her iPad as it lets her practice as much as she wants so she doesn’t mess up the canvas when she starts painting.

People were quick to criticize Paris’ drawings

While others defended her art

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