30 People Modified Items Bought In IKEA And Ended Up With Brilliant Results

Published 2 years ago

Need a new mattress? Ikea. Want a scented candle? Ikea. Craving Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam? Did I already mention Ikea..? Want to play hide and seek? You guessed it right, Ikea. Actually, no, that would be breaking the rules. It turns out that Ikea officially banned hide-and-seek in 2015. Was it truly necessary? Seriously?

Despite not being able to play hide-and-seek there, we still love Ikea for its affordable prices and easy-to-assemble furniture. Ikea even has a fanbase where the craftsmen of Reddit take the goods sold in IKEA and reinvent them by giving the items a new purpose. The community is called “Ikea Hacks,” and it’s “focused on helping people build the perfect furniture for their living space using items sold by IKEA.”

Scroll below to see the most brilliant ideas people came up with. Would you buy any of these if they were actually sold in Ikea? Let us know!

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#1 I Used The Fabrikor Cabinet To Build An Indoor Greenhouse!

Image source: elliotte02

#2 Duktig Doll Bed And Handmade Covers For My Little Buddy

Image source: EvelienZ123

#3 I Painted A Kullen Into A Nintendo NES For My Son’s Room

Image source: MomOnALedge

#4 My Fjallbo Hacked Bar

Image source: Braikenb

#5 Wall Panel Made Out Of IKEA Cabinet Doors

Image source: _Miezo_

#6 My Solution To Keeping The Cat Off The Desk

Image source: Markbro89

#7 A Simple Hack Cutting A Keyhole Shape Into An End Table For A Handy Tree Table!

Image source: AviatorCam

#8 Upgraded My Cat’s Toilet With This Bestå Litterbox Hack

Image source: Nemo1ner

#9 Ivar Hidden Desk

Image source: neezerd

#10 Billy Bookcase With Plywood Front For The Built-In Look

Image source: haekleobsessed

#11 Karlby Laundry Room Counter + Custom Shoe Rack/Cat Litter Drawer

Image source: Atom800

#12 Using Toilet Paper Holder As Headphone Stand

Image source: sharks_teeth

#13 Like Many, I Used The Kura As A Starting Point For Something More Fun

Image source: Bob_Chris

#14 Converted The Guest Room Closet Into A Craft Space

Image source: cbender410

#15 Havsta Units Turned Into A Built In

Image source: dynamictype

#16 Turned The IKEA Ps Lamp Into A Disco Ball And I’m In Love With It!

Image source: cesarmunir

#17 I Hacked An Kvistbro Table To Be A Cute Pet Crate For My Dog (And Cats)

Image source: mokey-moke

#18 I Finally Finished My “Library” With Floor To Ceiling Shelves (Still Need To Put In New Flooring)

Image source: atari_guy

#19 I Found An Hemnes Shelf In The As-Is Area And Upholstered Some Fabric To The Top To Help My Dogs Get On The Bed. They Could Never Use Pet Steps And This Is Shorter The Normal End Of Bed Furniture So They Are Able To Hop On It

Image source: whydid_i_eatsomuch

#20 Who Says You Can’t Have A Shed In An Apartment? 42 Units Of Trofast Units Into A Single Pax Wardrobe

Image source: danielharkin

#21 I Built A Sliding Bookcase Out Of 3 IKEA Besta Bookshelves With 6 Casters Screwed To A Large Bottom Plate

Image source: _gameoverman

#22 First Time Staining… I Love How This Turned Out! (Ivar With Foldable Table!)

Image source: 1kiki09

#23 Finally Finished My Custom Home Office Using Eket And Alex Cabinets!

Image source: Arkade_Blues

#24 Whole New Level Of Hack

Image source: android_cook

#25 Repurposed Kallax For Camping Gear

Image source: kevinthewild

#26 Classic Hack

Image source: GuybrushMightyPirat

#27 Saw This Billy Hack All Over Pinterest. Finally Made My Own

Image source: UntitledProject01

#28 My 17oz DIY Ultralight IKEA Camping Backpack Made Out Of Frakta Bags

Image source: SanDiegoMitch

#29 My Use For The 3 Inch Gap Between Cabinets

Image source: 130designs

#30 Was Told To Post This Here. I Built A 3D Printer Enclosure From 2 IKEA Lack Side Tables. All The Blue Pieces Are 3D Printed

Image source: HollyMacXx

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