30 Times People Were Terrified By Innocent Things

Published 5 years ago

Imagine a situation: you’re going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and notice someone standing outside your window. You freeze in panic and your mind begins racing: should I run to my phone and call the police? Scream? Or maybe look for a weapon? Then suddenly you feel relieved when you notice that the “person” outside is just a shadow of a tree. If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

People are sharing the times they were terrified by innocent things and it’s absolutely hilarious. Weird reflections, spooky shadows, unfortunately placed gloves, and smoothie accidents – check out all the ordinary things that nearly gave people heart attacks in the gallery below!

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#1 So Last Night I Was Positive There Was A Ghost Baby In The Bed With My Son

Image source: Maritza Elizabeth

I was so freaked out, I barely slept. I even tried creeping in there with a flashlight while my son was sleeping. Well, this morning I go to investigate a bit further. It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets. I could kill him.

#2 Had To Look Twice

Image source: esquonk

#3 This Freaked Me Out. Turns Out It’s A Sunset Reflection

Image source: PeteLX

#4 Wife Left The Gloves To Dry, I Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: RoninGR

#5 Cat Gave Me A Scare This Morning. It’s Paprika

Image source: bessiboom

#6 Whoever Did This Gave Me A Heart Attack

Image source: JamesPKP

#7 The Snail In Our Office Fish Tank Freaked Me Out Today

Image source: Tyranitard

#8 My Dog Is Trying To Scare The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: erethenn

#9 Gives Me A Heart Attack Every Time, But He Loves To Sleep Like That!

Image source: morisaboo

#10 Housemate Was Drying His Fishing Waders. Almost Had To Add The Pants I Was Wearing To The Laundry Pile I Was Carrying After I Opened The Door

Image source: jabrah15

#11 Scared The Hell Out Of Me When He Moved

Image source: Nundee

#12 My Grandma Taking A Nap. Scared The Hell Out Of Me At First

Image source: joeltrane

#13 Emergency Light In The Hallway Scared The Hell Out Of Me Earlier. Meet The New Source Of My Nightmares

Image source: Tezariah

#14 Son Woke Us Up Around 3 AM To Tell Us Some Guy Was On Our Porch With A Stick

Image source: thebeesremain

After almost dying of a heart attack, we realized it was the paper delivery guy. With a branch. Trying to retrieve a mis-thrown paper from our roof while looking [friggin] terrifying.

#15 My Aunt Got Her Dog Groomed. The Groomer Only Has Half Of His Right Arm. It Looks Like He’s Elbow Deep Into The Dog, And It Freaked Me Out When I First Saw The Picture

Image source: BaByJeZuZ012

#16 These Bacon Slices Look Like An Evil Clown…

Image source: jtronicustard

#17 That Spooked The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: frex4

#18 I Bought My Wife (Who’s A Professional Photographer) A Thermos In The Shape Of A Camera Lens. It Always Gives Me A Mini Heart Attack When I See It Like This

Image source: Tryenamy

#19 My Cousin Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night, Randomly Looked At The Baby Monitor And Saw This. She Said It Scared The Hell Out Of Her

Image source: jcmcna0733

#20 I Didn’t Realize My Wife Left The Kids’ Presents In The Car Until I Checked The Rear View Mirror

Image source: Apatharas

#21 When You Walk In Your Room And Have A Mild Heart Attack

Image source: pooptime1

#22 Ancient Whale Bone Over Top Of What Used To Be A Well

Image source: jahaight

#23 This Ultrasound Photo Scared My Husband

Image source: squidills

#24 Someone Spilled Their Smoothie In Class, And Now It Looks Like A Crime Scene

Image source: Danielmg

#25 I Put My Son In A Halloween Onesie Without Thinking Much About It And Gave Myself A Heart Attack At 2AM

Image source: LadyJane17

#26 I Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Saw This. Spotted In NYC

Image source: bmagnusson

#27 My Wife Had A Mini Heart Attack As We Drove Past This House. Nobody Lives There

Image source: Its_Obvi_PShopped

#28 Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack Upon First Glance

Image source: SJT29

#29 Scared The Hell Out Of Myself

Image source: littlefoot2080

#30 Sister Just Freaked Out, She Thought Someone Was In Her Flat. It Was Just Some Clothes Hanging Up In Front Of The Window

Image source: AndyWyant

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