30 Old School Gadgets People Are Still Using In 2020

Published 4 years ago

Just like you have a favorite pair of shoes that have almost no sole left or a stained old t-shirt that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of, some people have the same thing for gadgets. After all, why would you throw out a perfectly good toaster or microwave simply because it just refuses to stop working?

Twitter user Zoe Kleinman recently asked her followers to share the oldest functioning gadgets they still use, and suddenly her 12-year-old TV doesn’t seem so old after all. From old button phones to toasters from the 1920’s, check out the oldest gadgets people are still using to this day in the gallery below!

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Twitter user Zoe Kleinman recently asked her followers to share the oldest functioning gadgets they still use

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Image source: mybellavino


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Image source: ai6yrham

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