25 Hilariously Awkward Wedding Toasts That Went Terribly Wrong

Published 3 weeks ago

Weddings are a time of joy, celebration, and memorable moments. One such tradition is the giving of toasts, where friends and family share heartfelt words about the couple. However, not all wedding toasts go as planned. Recently, a Reddit user asked, “Giving a toast at a wedding is common, what’s the worst thing you’ve heard someone say while they were giving one?”

The responses were both cringeworthy and astonishing. Here are some of the most shocking and awkward wedding toast stories shared by Reddit users.

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Image source: LeadingFiji, Peggy Anke

I was the best man, I was giving a toast after the father of the bride, who recounted in his toast that she was born on a Middle Eastern US military base while he was serving and how he could have sold her to some sheikh. That was a hell of an act to follow.


Image source: DJustice23, Tobias Gonzales

My friend went to an out-of-town wedding where he basically only knew the groom and the girl he brought as a date. He for some reason felt compelled to do an interpretative dance instead of a speech. No one laughed and it was dead silent confusion.


Image source: nucl9us1988, George Pak

Best man speech: “Back in high school when Bill first told me he liked Jackie I said Jackie!? Ewww! But that’s how I knew Bill really liked her for who she was as a person .” and yeah Jackie was not very attractive.


Image source: dachjaw, Photos by Lanty

At my sister’s wedding our father said that the only thing that worried him was that she said she wanted six children and everybody knows that one out of every six babies born today is Chinese.


Image source: readweed88, cottonbro studio

A joint parents’ toast that cleverly, relentlessly, and at-length hinted at the desire for grandchildren pronto. Really wonderful couple, went on to face heartbreaking infertility and loss. I hope they don’t remember it.


Image source: occasionallystabby, Al Elmes

The best man at my wedding gave a toast that was longer than our ceremony. He wore a costume. He talked more about their teachers from high school than he did about us. He brought in a guitar player that he hired to play two parody songs that he wrote that were literally just rehashing what he had already said. We actually had to cut him off so we could serve the meal.


At my wedding the best man, who grew up with my husband, was very nervous to give his toast. He began strong talking about their friendship and ended with how he wished us the very best for “as long as they are married”. Our friends and family burst out laughing. He faced-palmed and corrected himself. We’ve been married 46 years and he still hasn’t lived it down!

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Image source: coupdelune, Joël de Vriend

I went to a wedding where the best man stood up and gave a speech as follows:

“May your wedding night be like KFC, a bit of breast, a little thigh, and when you’re finished, nothing but a greasy box.”

The bride and groom were furious. A lot of people laughed. The priest was one of them.


Image source: jgilbs, Kampus Production

Father of the bride toasting his daughter (he has 2 other daughters as well): “You know, she may not be the smartest or prettiest in the family, but let me tell you, she has a good heart!”

Like what the hell was he thinking? Everyone collectively cringed.


Drunk maid of (dis)honor disclosed that she’d hat-tricked the bride – slept with new husband (before he and bride started dating but still, and bride was unaware), bride’s brother, and bride’s dad. She started out great but was too drunk to read her prepared notes and decided to wing it instead. That first dance after dinner was pretty awkward, as bride’s parents were very much married, and during it everyone in the room silently did the math on her conquests based on pertinent details and realized she wasn’t 18 for any of the 3 encounters.

I was at a table of people who all kinda disliked the bride and even we all felt awful for her, it was so bad.

Wedding cost more than my current house, and was held at a yacht club that revoked the family’s membership on a morality clause the following day.

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Image source: Clean_Pin6536, Andreas Rønningen

Best man of a wedding I went to was heavily intoxicated and said something along the lines of “if only she knew what the girl looked like at your bachelor party that you were in bed with on the last night, she would understand how big of a catch she is for your ugly a*s.”

They didn’t make it to their honeymoon.


Started giving a long, tearful speech about LGBTQ rights.

She was straight, the couple getting married was straight, and pretty much everyone in attendance was progressive. She was just using her brother’s wedding to virtue signal. Yes, everyone here thinks gay people should be able to get married… not sure what that has to do with *this* couple whose toast you’re giving at this exact moment…

Image source: sunsetpark12345


Image source: LeslieJaye419, Thomas William

Mother’s cousin gave a best man toast for his younger brother, the groom. This was a New Jersey Italian-American wedding, where the groom’s family all hated the bride.

He said, “I wish [groom] and [bride] a whole lotta laughs because this is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen.”.


Image source: deformedfishface, Buchen WANG

“I was feeling a little nervous before my speech but I’ve just ripped a giant line in the bathroom and I’m feeling much better” – The Bestman

I thought it was great, literally noone else laughed.


Image source: Professional-Bee8797, Elina Sazonova

Best man went on and on about how hot the bride was, and how she had nice boobs. Then ended with “breast wishes” to the couple. It was so awkward.


Image source: kerill333, Scott Webb

Father of the bride made negative comments about couples having sex before marriage and said “we used to call him our SIN in law”.


My dad is hilarious and loving, but public speaking isn’t his strong suit. At my younger sister’s wedding a few years ago, he gave this rambling speech where he described her as a “plane that just taxied on the runway forever, and you wondered if it would ever take off.” He was trying to say she was a late bloomer, but he made this hand motion of a plane just stuck on the runway. We gave him so much grief for that because he basically told everyone she didn’t “blossom” until she met her husband, who’s the life of the party.

Fast forward to my wedding a few months ago. I jokingly told him he needed to step up his game after my sister’s speech. I was sure he’d put more effort into mine after all the teasing he got. Nope. He told everyone that he thought I was autistic when I was young and ended it by saying, “but I don’t think she turned out to be.” I spent the rest of my wedding night fake laughing at everyone’s autism jokes. Thanks, Dad.

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Image source: miersk, Courtney Cook

Reception at a country club with a golf course.
A lot of the friends and family were members.

Father of the bride explains how she was conceived on the green at hole 9.


Best man. “They say weddings are all about love and honor. I don’t know much about love, but as for honor… get on her and stay on her!”
Everyone cringed so hard, especially their parents and grandparents.

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Image source: foxy-tulips, Lawrence Suzara

The father of the bride said “I’ll try not to despise my son-in-law as much as I used to” and laughed hard.


Image source: nowhereman1122, Tembela Bohle

The best man was drunk af, quoted Hitler, and dropped the mic 3 times.


Image source: ghostprawn, cottonbro studio

My father opened his speech at my sister’s wedding with “now, I know you have both been married before, but this time, perhaps things will work out”.


Image source: rowenaravenclaw0, Nathan Dumlao

The father of the bride said my daughters brought some losers over the years and this is the worst one , but…


Image source: agent_x_75228, Polina Zimmerman

Best man said, “I hope you (speaking to the bride) are well rested up and ready to be stretched because my boy gonna turn you into a pretzel tonight!” I’m not even fully sure what that means, but I was sitting right next to the father of the bride and he was not happy and the mother looked mortified.


My friend’s father (father of the bride) just listed off everything he didn’t like about the groom in his speech at her wedding. So something like “well you’re not a doctor, you don’t have all of your hair, and you’re not the smartest man she’s dated. But welcome to the family I guess.” Suuuuuuper awkward. The grooms family took the opposite direction and gushed about how much they loved my friend. Made the father look even worse in comparison.

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