People Are Sharing Photos From The Most Tasteless Weddings They’ve Been Invited To (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

A person’s weddings is one of the most special days in their lives, therefore it’s understandable that they want everything to be absolutely perfect. However, not everyone has the same understanding of the word “perfect” – which sometimes leads to Budweiser-themed cakes or wedding dresses decorated with Vladimir Putin’s face.

People are sharing pictures from the tackiest weddings they’ve ever had the displeasure of attending, and they’ll make you say “What were they thinking???”. Gas station weddings, Walmart wedding, and vows that will send a shiver down your spine – check out a collection of the craziest things people spotted at weddings in the gallery below!

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#1 Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever

Image source: Icarium13

#2 Not Entirely Sure This Fits But It’s Definitely Odd

Image source: ClassyCilantro

#3 Every Girls Dream Is To Be Carried On Her Wedding Night

Image source: YouOtterKnow1

#4 At Our Wedding An Usher Had A Rude Girlfriend Who Wanted To Be In The Middle Of Pictures (Dressed In White!) I Got Upset But My Photographer Said “I’ll Fix It Later Don’t Worry!”

Image source: carlinh

#5 My Best Friend Finally Mailed Me An Invitation To His Wedding

Image source: yearofpenny

#6 My Uncle’s Wedding In Las Vegas, Streamed Live On The Internet

Image source: Corrupt_Files

#7 That Woman On The Left Is Not The Bride…

Image source: lumpysweaterboobs

#8 I Was Told This Wedding Invitation Should Be Under Trashy

Image source: TheUltimateShart

#9 Well How Do You Feel Now That You Know She Was ***not*** The Bride

Image source: Ladeboobop

#10 The Russian Equivalent Of The Maga Wedding

Image source: the_lone_dovahkiin

#11 The Tackiest Wedding Rules

Image source: OyeSimpson

#12 Wasn’t Expecting To See A Wedding When I Stopped At Wal*mart This Weekend…

Image source: soul_oh

#13 Mother-In-Law

Image source: AmyPennza

#14 So I Saw This Girl Summoning Satan At My Friend’s Wedding

Image source:

#15 Autocorrect?

Image source:

#16 Has Anyone Seen The Bride? I Can’t Find Her

Image source: peachycowgirl

#17 “With The Power Incested In Me…”

Image source: Punnalinguist

#18 When The Toppers On Your Toilet Paper Cake Have Masks, But None Of Your Guests Do

Image source: cyclika

#19 Gas Station Wedding

Image source: ds3101

#20 Weird Vibes Only

Image source: dlckahl

#21 Did Bud Light Sponsor The Wedding?

Image source: Anotheraccount97668

#22 My Cousins Wedding Cake…

Image source: UnleashTheBeebo

#23 Great Wedding Photos..

Image source: arieswhore

#24 The Cake Is A ‘Recreation’ Of The Bride Do I Need To Say More?

Image source: hunnybunbun2019

#25 Pretty Trashy For A Wedding

Image source: Volker1998

#26 Thought This Was The Bride And Groom At First – Nope. Father And Stepmother Of The Bride, Wearing A White-Ish, Beaded Gown With A Train

Image source: Luallone

#27 And The Cringe Award Goes To…

Image source: bekinditsgangster

#28 The Groom Took His Laptop To His Wedding To Play A Game On His Computer

Image source: thechicken-andtheegg

#29 These Bizarre Wedding Vowels …

Image source: snpods

“The grooms vowels from the wedding of a family friend. We are genuinely concerned for her safety”

#30 I’m All For People Who Go For Low-Budget Weddings, But Then There’s This….

Image source: nicall

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