20 Cringey Texts From Guys Who Can’t Take Rejection Properly

Published 2 years ago

Women often have to deal with weird dudes trying to slide in their DMs. Whether it be Tinder, Snapchat, or Instagram, some guys make sure to reach every corner to approach women. And while some of those guys are decent humans who know how to take rejection gracefully, others can be extremely entitled, rude, and creepy.

r/SadCringe is a Reddit community where people share screenshots of such cringey conversations and those guys are exposed. Scroll below to read some of them. And if you want to see some cringe-worthy posts from women, check out our previous post here.

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#1 Fuck Boi

Image source: Oceloxxx

#2 Just A Normal Guy

Image source: BigLino

#3 Promo Code “Cutie”

Image source: helpmetrans006

#4 My Ex From High School Sent Me A Snapchat Video Of Him Begging Me For Nudes, And It Got Worse

Image source: heckingdarn

#5 Guy Thinks A Girl Was Begging For Sex When She Was Nice To Him At Lunch

Image source: onehurricane

#6 Life Stops Right At 35

Image source: theniwo

#7 Im Dying Of Cringe

Image source: bloblife34

#8 Homie Just Kept Going

Image source: dalan_danny_boi286

#9 Happy Anniversary

Image source: myusernameisharry

#10 The Balls On This Guy

Image source: FracturedAuthor

#11 Incels Online Are Cringe. In Person? Even Worse.

Image source: Horny_Weinstein

#12 Haha, Yes We Can…

Image source: FNA25

#13 Did Ian Mean Anything To You?

Image source: icant_shit

#14 Just Gonna Drop This Right Here

Image source: Anottb

#15 That’s Just Nasty

Image source: Opify

#16 Poor Guy

Image source: emperor_marx

#17 The Feeling.

Image source: maceman10006

#18 I Thought You Were A Good Person

Image source: thomkhemet2

#19 This Guy Is An Alpha Male

Image source: MurderousLamb

#20 Always Shoot Your Shot?

Image source: LilChubbyCubby

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