30 Times People’s Unique Genetics Made Them Stand Out (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Each of us is unique in our own way. However, Mother Nature is full of surprises and on rare occasions likes to make certain people even more unique than others by giving them rare and fascinating genetics. And today we’re all about them.

People who were blessed with interesting birthmarks, eye colors, or other rare genetics are sharing pictures of their unique features online, and they are simply fascinating. Check out some of the most interesting ones in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 One Of The Coolest Birthmarks I Have Ever Seen

Image source: Philchil23

#2 I Have A Hereditary Gap In My Eyebrow

Image source: zoeck014

#3 Amina Ependieva Has Two Rare Genetic Conditions: Albinism And Heterochromia

Image source: aminaarsakova

#4 Love The ”Pattern” In My Wife’s Eyes

Image source: snakepatay

#5 Mother And Her 1 Year-Old Son Have Very Uncommon Heterochromia Leaving Them With Beautiful And Mesmerizing Swirled Blue And Black Eyes

Image source: hominoid_in_NGC4594

#6 My Sister Has Had Hair That’s Half Blonde Half Brunette Since She Was Born. 1989 vs. Today

Image source: AgentShabu

#7 8-Year-Old Carter Blanchard And Rowdy The Dog Both Have A Disorder Called Vitiligo

Image source: white_eyed_rowdy

#8 I Have A Skin Condition Called Dermatographia Which Causes My Skin To Raise From The Smallest Scratch And I Like To Draw Flowers On Myself Sometimes

Image source: Last_Thursday

#9 A Rare Genetic Disorder Known As Cat Eye Syndrome

Image source:  renan_ozturk

“The boy happens to have cat eye syndrome, a genetic condition that often leads to other detrimental health defects. All that said it was a good lesson…despite his challenges he had the most curiosity, the most to give.”

#10 I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes

Image source: laney-rene

#11 I Have A Small Amount Of Sectoral Heterochromia In My Right Eye, Plus A Kind Of Interesting Eye Pattern

Image source: Almond_Roses

#12 Baby Chanco Was Born With A Lot Of Hair Which Kept Growing. This Is Her At 7 Months Age

Image source: KebabChef

#13 Taylor Muhl Has A Rare Genetic Condition Called, Chimerism. She Is “Her Own Twin”

Image source: taylormuhl

“I have two sets of DNA, two sets of blood and immune cells. The two colors of skin pigmentation on my torso is from my and my twin’s two different genetic makeups. My particular case of Chimerism is linked to autoimmune disease.

I went undiagnosed for more than half my life due to the rarity of my condition. I’m now an advocate for Chimerism, it’s link to autoimmune disease and body positivity. My hope is to prevent others from going undiagnosed how I did.”

#14 I Was Born Without Finger Or Toe Prints

Image source: jedWanderMouse

#15 I Have A Birthmark In My Eye

Image source: JustSavi

#16 I Was Born With One Of The Rarest Forms Of Belly Buttons In The World

Image source: Swirlxx

#17 My Daughters Birthmark Is An Up Vote

Image source: katsep44

#18 I Saw Some Say That They Have Sectoral Heterochromia, And I Raise You To Central Heterochromia

Image source: Astanner

#19 I (17M) Have Abnormally Long Arms 5’9 With A 6’6 Wingspan

Image source: NupSuckle

#20 None Of My Fingers Have A Middle Joint

Image source: JayFayad

#21 A Boy With Heterochromia

Image source: sagademaeuk

#22 Brazilian Family All Have 12 Fingers And Toes Due To Genetic Condition “Polydactyly”

Image source: Vianey Bentes

#23 A Few People Have Actually Said Wtf When Looking At My Eyes

Image source: smeisinger705

#24 My Hair And Eyelashes Are Naturally Split Into Blonde And Brunette

Image source: curtaincup

#25 This Hexagon Vein Structure On My Wrist

Image source: shrekfan46

#26 My Girlfriend Has Freckles In Her Iris. They Look Like Marbles

Image source: ollispitzisfire

#27 I Have A Pair Of Moles, That Look Like An Eyebrow Piercing

Image source: szlfr

#28 My Face Birthmark

Image source: seemasamosa

#29 I Always Hid It, But Now I Want To Share With You My Birthmark In The Center Of My Forehead

Image source: daewoot

#30 I Am Allergic To The Cold

Image source: Queen-of-nightmare

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