30 Cringeworthy Posts Shared In This Online Group That Reveal The ‘Toxic’ Nice Girls

Published 3 years ago

Whether it’s due to jealousy, insecurity, or some crazy entitlement, some folks just make things worse for themselves and others. We often hear about toxic ‘nice guys’ who keep projecting their insecurities onto women. However, this is not a gender-specific thing as this personality is frequently spotted in women too.

The subreddit r/NiceGirls is an online community that exposes entitled women who refuse to deal with undesirable feelings and blame others for every little thing. Scroll below to see some examples of such women that were posted on the subreddit.

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#1 Ah Yes, Because If A Man Is In A Relationship, It Is Law That He Can Only Speak To Women He Is Related To

Image source: aetherialnemesis

#2 Context: Ex Cheated On Me, On My Birthday… And Didn’t Tell Me Until I Drove An Hour And A Half To See Her First, Had Sex And Had A Few Beers So I Couldn’t Leave. This Is The Exchange We Had Today, I Was Honestly Just Expecting An Apology And Maybe Some Maturity But I Guess That’s Too Much To Ask

Image source: ToasterBathing

#3 I’m Sure This Is Going Well For Her

Image source: J_Dabson002

#4 Finished Second Date Tonight, Told Her Didn’t Think Things Would Work Out. Seemed Okay With It. Just Got This Right After I Got Home

Image source: djg09876

#5 Thats Not How It Works

Image source: ItsYaBoiCyrus

#6 I Wasnt Constantly Replying To Her Texts, And After We Both Agreed To Break It Off She “Accidentally” Sends Me A Tiktok About How Men Don’t Date Intelligent Women Due To Insecurities.

Image source: [deleted]

#7 I’m A Heterosexual Male That Goes To Cosmetology School. Had This Interaction With An Anonymous Person That Goes To My School. I’ve Never Given Anybody At School My Phone Number

Image source: rybayless

#8 She Thought She Could Pull A #freefoodfriday On Him But Homeboy Didn’t Play That

Image source: Own_Performer_7713

#9 Mhm About Me?

Image source: Crustyhotdog

#10 None Of You Peasants Deserve Her, Wise Men Only

Image source: RayOmkar

#11 The Bros Come First

Image source: lanky_fingers

#12 You Can’t Buy From A Girl

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Pay For Everything Or I’m Outta Here

Image source: Stimmolation

#14 Found This

Image source: ThomarusTheSecond

#15 Shared By A Facebook Friend. The Word You’re Looking For Is “Abuser”

Image source: Bortron86

#16 I Don’t Know If It Counts But This Girl Is Saying Cheating Is Ok. I Felt Disgusted When I Saw It. I Felt Like Sharing It

Image source: arda_the_badass

#17 A Girl’s List Of Red Flags

Image source: SuperShaggySandwich

#18 Someone I Went To High School With….

Image source: seeyouspace__cowboy

#19 No Social Media If “You Ugly”

Image source: AvaTyler

#20 “I Was Only Being Nice” Proceeds To Guilt Trip The Hell Out Of My Buddy

Image source: LuckyDucky64

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