30 Pictures That Prove You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See On Instagram

Published 4 years ago

To become famous on Instagram, you could start documenting your active lifestyle, cooking delicious food or creating beautiful art. Or you could just photoshop your photos into oblivion, which seems to be the go-to formula for many influencers. After all, why travel or get fit when you can simply edit your body and the background using a computer?

Tired of shameless Instagrammers fooling their followers with photoshopped pictures, some people began publicly shaming them online in a subreddit called r/Instagramreality. It almost seems that some Instagrammers think there’s no such thing as too much Photoshop, to the point where it’s absolutely ridiculous. Terrible fake makeup, unrealistic body shapes and even bent dimensions – see the people who got busted for photoshopping their pics in the gallery below!

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#1 Yeah, No

Image source: lrdkira

#2 Happy Holidays!

Image source: aya5810

#3 Legend

Image source: iamalol9701

#4 What The Hell

Image source: hrafi1

#5 When U Ordered It vs. When It Arrived

Image source: moonkid93

#6 Shes Not Fooling Anyone With That Steering Wheel


#7 A Body Builder I Have Since Unfollowed

Image source: alejas_tejas

#8 He Colored His Eyes Over His Glasses Frames

Image source: ooqpoo

#9 When One Right Hand Isn’t Enough…

Image source: lisaloveslashes

#10 Those Abs Were Made In Ms Paint

Image source: Merwebo2Veces

#11 Reflections Dont Lie

Image source: shitpost90000

#12 Big Difference Between The Photos Of Her At The Event And The One On Her Instagram…

Image source: Rude-Transition

#13 I Don’t Know Where To Start …

Image source: al958

#14 Whats The Point Of Photoshopping A Starbucks Logo On Your Cup..? Had A Good Laugh Bc Of It

Image source: joanoa

#15 I’m Speechless

Image source: colderin69

#16 I Love Playing “Find The Distorted Background” Game With Everything She Posts

Image source: meowmix265

#17 … She Very Obviously Was Not In This Photo Before She Photoshopped Herself In

Image source: Bittysweens

#18 Most Severe Case I’ve Ever Seen Tbh

Image source: offitat

#19 No Way Her Waist Is Real, That Shadow Has A Different Angle

Image source: diveonfire

#20 The Difference Is Day And Night, Literally

Image source: atbzrrr

#21 Forgot To Edit The Mirror

Image source: SpecialRegular

#22 “Ugly Sweater Dinner Date! ” Dear God… I Didn’t Need To Sleep Tonight Anyway

Image source: DeusUrsus

#23 *gasp*

Image source: princessofawfulcourt

#24 Jesus Christ, She Even Smoothed Over Her Tongue

Image source: wombatcheeses

#25 Mua Posts Christmas Inspired Look, Flat Out Denies It’s Photoshopped In The Comments

Image source: epaj

#27 Mom Take Me Home I’m Scared

Image source: olruun

#28 Am I Insane Or Did He Photoshop The Exact Same Face Onto Two Different Photos

Image source: lasagnaestranja

#29 I’m Speechless

Image source: ashehole64

#30 Same Girl I Posted Before, She’s Actually Nearly At 2 Million Followers And Will Block Anyone Who Claims Photoshop

Image source: ElitaWins

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