30 Times People Order Amazing Things On “Wish” And Got Disappointed When They Received Them

Published 12 months ago

Hey there, fellow online shopaholics! Let’s talk about our wild adventures with the one and only “Wish” – the genie of e-commerce that promises you the moon and stars at pocket-friendly prices. However, as the saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Members of this subreddit share the downside of shopping on Wish by showing their experiences when their orders turn out to be nothing like what they expected.

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#1 Seems Legit

Image source: Brandon4903

#2 Ordered A Pickle Rick Pipe Off Wish.com

Image source: epsteindintkllhimslf

#3 Bad Review + Seller Response

Image source: xetaril

#4 Hoyl Bible

Image source: reddit.com

#5 What Name Would You Like On The Back?

Image source: black_coffee_in_bed

#6 At Least He Printed The Shirt

Image source: daafiidii

#7 When You Don’t Have A Female Model For Your Product

Image source: reddit.com

#8 I Wish I Was Making This Up

Image source: Phiziicz

#9 I Waited 6 Months For This. Wtf

Image source: wrong_lane99

#10 When A Man Wants To Order A Football Shirt With No Name On The Back

Image source: browsib

#11 Tried Online Shopping. They Don’t Seem To Fit Me

Image source: no-u-m8

#12 I Thought The Personalized Message Was For The Delivery Driver Not The AirPods

Image source: raisedincali

#13 Another Wish Gem. Friend Posted What She’s Got. She’s Super Pissed But I Would Be Dying Laughing

Image source: Brodins_biceps

#14 My Friend Ordered A Baby Yoda (Grogu) This Is What They Got

Image source: Tewakjr

#15 I’ve Seen Strange Sunglasses But This… I Don’t Get

Image source: marybee18

#16 Always Check The Dimensions In Online Shopping

Image source: realseboss

#17 Never Buy Anything Even If It Looks Legit Wtf

Image source: Roast_Dinner30

#18 My Wife Just Got This Huge Banner For Work. Perfect

Image source: heymanitsdan

#19 I’m Just Shocked Someone Had The Nerve To Order A TV From Wish

Image source: AntonioGarzaHi123

#20 My Mom’s Old iPad

Image source: miinyuu

#21 I Was Sent 75 Pounds Of Lube Today Instead Of The Meal Kit I Ordered

Image source: stevie0321

#22 Macho-Man Randy Savage Dropping A Savage Elbow On An Unsuspecting Jesus

Image source: Hobo_Helper_hot

#23 Wish Wilding For This One

Image source: PopeyeSeedBagel

#24 Oh?

Image source: g0ldwaite

#25 Our Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image source: mtkeepsrolling

#26 Wish Offering An Alternative To Assisted Suicide

Image source: dhrisher

#27 Seen On Twitter

Image source: wedgematt

#28 I Ordered A Desk Lamp From Amazon. I Should Have Read The Specs More Carefully

Image source: bolthead88

#29 Wish Freddy

Image source: Troma330

#30 This Dog Is Horrifying

Image source: Filthy-Pagan

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