25 Things People Want Until They Get Them

Published 1 month ago

Reddit, the vast online community known for its diverse discussions and thought-provoking questions, recently sparked a fascinating conversation with a simple yet profound query: “What is something most people think they want, until they get it?”

The responses poured in, offering a glimpse into the complexities of human desires and the unexpected consequences of fulfilling them. Here are some compelling answers that shed light on the paradoxes of longing.

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Image source: Majestic_Living7321, Jubéo Hernandez

A pool. Unless you have a lot more money lol.


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A high paying job. Making good money is enticing but when your work starts to consume your life and deteriorate your mental health, the money isn’t worth it anymore.


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Myself included on this one— but I know many people that have certain kinks/fetishes they’ve always wanted to try, and totally did *not* enjoy it once it became a reality.


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As a tween, it was my period. The novelty of “becoming a woman” immediately evaporated.


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I think most people are not prepared even if they love their kids. The majority of parents suffer and so do the kids.

I guess being in education I see first hand lots of parents who should not have had kids. .


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Living in Hawaii. The number of people that I know that dream of living here have no idea. I’ve lived here for 2 years and can’t wait to leave.


Being in a boss or leadership position. The pay is nice but the amount of pointless b******t is just ridiculous. Bosses have bosses and basically I’m just a messenger letting my employees know how their job is going to suck more…for absolutely nothing in return. Which they blame me for. There are better ways to make way more money for being hated….

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When I was a kid I really wanted a cast or crutches. Yeah, really not a good idea.


Image source: wtwtcgw, Pavel Danilyuk

To be older.


Image source: TemperatureTop246, Ksenia Balandina

A (really) big house. There is so much maintenance, expense, just keeping track of all your stuff… higher utility bills, more taxes, probably an HOA, just cleaning it is an impossible task without hiring professionals.


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Leaving their significant other for someone else only for that person not to be all that good.


Image source: bahamapapa817, Sora Shimazaki

To be in charge.


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A “crazy” gf. yeah it’s all fun and game until i’m messaging you in detail abt how i just hurt myself expecting you to not care. bpd and other “crazy” disorders aren’t cute. stop romanticizing it.


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Living off grid. Boats. Livestock other than goats or chickens.


A boat, so my dad was given this great job and he bought a boat. Everyone was so hyped. Now I occasionally host parties on it, my dad ocationally goes to swim and only uses the boat as a dock and that’s about it, no one uses the boat and the parking spot and maintenance costs are not cheap.

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Sex in a pool or hot tub.

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To get back with an ex.


Retirement. My dad bought a house on a small, quiet island when he retired. Some people can only dream of doing something like that.

3 months into it he realised he was bored as f**k. All he does is watch tv all day now. He’s miserable on that island.

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Their dreams fulfilled.

I was watching “Soul” and it hit hard when he finally got what he’d been chasing forever and ended up with a serious case of… “now what?”

Edit: Wow, so many people seem to have resonated with this, what I dubbed “the tragedy of the dream fulfilled”. Many of you commiserate, others gave good advice.

I wish all of you the best on your journeys.

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Being a business owner. Everyone thinks you just make your own hours and work whenever you want. Id trade it all to clock out at 5pm.

Image source: Someuser1130


An open relationship.

Image source: MatildaDiablo


Is mental illness one? I feel like everyone is self diagnosing using webmd as a checklist and now everyone is saying they have something but it’s nothing as debilitating as real mental illnesses.

Image source: Thathappenedearlier


An affair. People fantasize, sure – having problems with your spouse or feeling unappreciated? Marriage counseling, divorce, etc. All better options than infidelity. It’s leaves lasting scars and tears apart families. Over the last several years I feel like I’ve seen such an increasing number of families destroyed.

I know one husband that went off to the oil fields because his wife requested he find a better job. Dude is gone 6 months of the year (in two month increments). Wife starts feeling lonely and unappreciated and has an affair with a co worker. It’s taken four years for one of her kids to even talk to her again. Bad blood everywhere. Marriage counseling, communication, even a divorce if it was needed all could have avoided the situation.

Another example: One of my co-workers was told by his wife “I’ve had an affair, it’s been going on for a month.” He decides to forgive, go to marriage counseling, fix whatever was broken. Well she continues to have an affair because she’s still having something of an existential crisis and is feeling extra condemened for her actions. Basically she told him she was having an affair at the beginning of what turned into a year long ordeal. She started the affair while pregnant. Two young kids already in the house. Her husband is still in the mindset of fixing whatever is broken. I watched this dude get dragged through the mud for a year. He’s got severe PTSD now. Is a shell of who he used to be.

Affairs are basically a hand grenade in your life and everyone around you.

Image source: YouAreRegard

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