30 People Who Dressed Up For Halloween Only To Realize That No One Else Did

Published 4 years ago

Ah, yes – Halloween has finally arrived. You dress up in your spookiest costume and head to the office hoping to impress your colleagues with your creativity. Only there’s a little problem – you’re the only one that showed up in a costume and now have to spend the whole day dressed up as a vampire. Well, cheer up, Count Sadula – you weren’t the only one to find yourself in a situation like this.

People who dressed up for Halloween only to realize no one else did are sharing photos of their blunders and it’s absolutely hilarious – check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume…

Image source: _L3g10n_

#2 I Won My Office Costume Party. I Was The Only Participant And The Judge, But I’m Still Proud

Image source: jacer1099

#3 Today Was A Costume Party At My Dog’s Daycare But He Was The Only One Dressed Up. He’s Traumatized

Image source: plo_op

#4 My VP Of Purchasing Sitting In A Meeting Right Now Listening Intently To Our President. He’s The Only Person In Costume

Image source: Z06Boricua

#5 Being The Only One In Congress To Wear A Costume For Halloween…

Image source: Cardboard-Box-Man

#6 My Kid Was That “Only One In Costume” Kid Yesterday In Class. She Didn’t Care

Image source: trontrontronmega

#7 Only One Who Dressed Up At Work Today. I’m A Star-Buck

Image source: oakydeer

#8 All Of My Coworkers Agreed To Dress Up As Smurfs For Halloween. Im The Only One To Go Through With It

Image source: Papa_Skittles

#9 I Was The Only Person I Saw Dressed Up Today, But I Think I Looked Mcfly As Hell

Image source: MEG4NTRON

#10 When You Are The Only One To Take Halloween Seriously.

Image source: _-venom-_

#11 When The Whole Office Plans To Dress Up But You’re The Only One Who Does

Image source: meladoodle

#12 None Of His Colleagues Dressed Up

Image source: TravisMcEwanCBC

#13 I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up At Work. I Regret Nothing

Image source: PhenomenalCosmicPanda

#14 I Was The Only One To Dress Up At My Job For Halloween. Compounded With The Fact That Our Store Closes For Good Today, It’s Been A Day

Image source: Witheredspoon62

#15 I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up For Our Weekly Staff Zoom Call

Image source: romeosgal214

#16 I’m The Only Person In My Entire Office Of 30 People Who Dressed Up Today And I’m In A Full Body Banana Suit

Image source: Srob87

#17 Teacher’s The Only One Who Showed Up In Costume

Image source: FistingWithJalapenoDoritoFingers

#18 No One Else Dressed Up For Halloween. Filthy Traitors

Image source: IKnowForAFactThatYouDontParty

#19 Babadook

Image source: katiedippold

#20 My Face When I Was One Of Only 5 Who Dressed Up At Work (Out Of 1500)

Image source: oojeyboojey

It’s probably what Bowie would have wanted – he wasn’t one for going with the crowd.

#21 I Work In An Office And They Told People To Dress Up. I’m The Only One Dressed Up

Image source: 0lidag

#22 When You’re The Only One Who Dressed Up

Image source: burido

#23 I Am The Only One At Work Who Dressed Up For Halloween. And I’m Their Boss. Safety First Kids

Image source: vanflooringguy

#24 I Too Was The Only One Dressed Up At My Office Today. Shaved My Head For It And Everything

Image source: reynardjon15

#25 When Your The Only One In A Company Of 1200 People That Dresses Up On The 31st. “This Deals Getting Worse All The Time”

Image source: djukez1

#26 So I Was The Only One Who Dressed Up For My Class Today

Image source: scamperly

#27 Dressed Up For Work. Turned Out I Was The Only One…

Image source: reddit.com

#28 This Is Joel – The Only Person At Work Who Dressed Up For Halloween. He Doesn’t Care That No One Else Dressed Up, He’s Been Working All Day Like This

Image source: FartTwaller

#29 Only One At Work Dressed Up

Image source: Crabsforeveryone

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. Happy Halloween!

#30 I’m The Only One That Dressed Up At My Office And I’m In A Pickle Suit. Guess You Could Say We’re In The Same Boat

Image source: Hella_Wieners

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