25 Times People Failed Hilariously When They “Had One Job”

Published 3 weeks ago

On the vast and diverse landscape of the internet, Reddit stands out as a virtual forum where users can engage in discussions on a wide array of topics. Recently, a seemingly innocuous question sparked a cascade of anecdotes that illuminated the all-too-human propensity for error.

The question that initiated this flurry of responses was straightforward: “Who really messed up their ‘one job’?” What followed was a tapestry of tales chronicling epic failures, humorous mishaps, and the occasional catastrophe.

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Image source: platypus5309, KEMAL HAYIT

The guard at the gate in Troy that let the horse in.


Image source: Wendysmanager24, Tyler Lastovich

The guy who sends out ballistic missile warnings in Hawaii.


Image source: Velkause, Markus Spiske

I work for USPS and we deliver UPS packages as a “last mile” service. There’s a person at UPS that puts one sticker on the box before it comes to us. It’s a little rectangular sticker…

They manage to cover all of the important stuff on the label 50% of the time. ??
You have a whole f*****g box. Stop putting it on the label. Jesus christ.


Image source: wheezy_runner, Matthias Zomer

My forties. How am I still getting zits at this age?!? YOU HAD ONE JOB, FORTIES!!


Image source: NoCapBS, Andrew Stickelman

The delivery driver
“attemped to deliver” ?.


Image source: Automatic_Role6120, Emily P

Refuse bag makers. Your ONLY job is to make a bag thick enough to put rubbish in without splitting- is it really that had?


Image source: valvilis, Adrian Sulyok

The CEO of Sears who thought the internet was a passing fad. As the definitive name in mail-order, Sears had the warehouses and logistics in place to be Amazon years before Bezos made it there.

One of very few mistakes that lost a company at least one *trillion* dollars. .


Image source: gomazoa93, Sentinel Hub

Has anyone mentioned that one guy who messed up with the suez canal ship and caused a massive economic chain of events?


Image source: BigTuna0890, History in HD

Secret service for allowing JFK to ride around in an open car. Protecting the man means you gotta say “no”‘to what he wants.


Image source: Own-Permission-7186, Daviddje

Me when I took a door off to fit a cat flap .. cut the hole, fitted the cat flap ,re hung the door , cat flap was at the top of the door .


Image source: Volhn, CBS News

The fake sign language interpreter from Tampa that was signing gibberish… people will figure that out.


Image source: three-sense, John Ferguson

Costa Concordia’s captain. 33 casualties and $2billion in manpower required to move the stuck ship.


Image source: PapaNoPickle, ABC News

Steve Harvey at Miss Universe when he announced the wrong winner.


Image source: FreeWheelingMoon, Stan

That person first in line at the light, yet texting. You have one job!


Image source: wxyz51, GEORGE DESIPRIS

Head of FEMA Michael Brown during hurricane katrina.


Image source: dkmarnier, Call Me Fred

Michael Jackson’s personal doctor. (The propofol guy).


Image source: unityofsaints, Mike Von

Kobe’s chopper pilot not refusing to take off in adverse weather.


Image source: RoseWould

Whoever grounded the Exxon Valdez.


Image source: SinkHoleDeMayo, Suki Lee

Phil Tippett, dinosaur supervisor.


The Welder who blew up Beirut in 2020, [ended] over 200 people during the peak of Covid and basically caused the entire countrys collapse.

1 welder took down an entire country.

Image source: BravestWabbit


Image source: FortunateGeek, Volodymyr Kondriianenko

LastPass. Their entire business model was protecting customer secrets. Had their customer database compromised. I went to BitWarden and then changed all my passwords.


Image source: thelovinglivingshop, Sung Jin Cho

The people who install public restroom stalls but leave gaps in the doors so you can make eye contact with the people waiting for a stall. Also, why are they not installing purse hooks in the stalls? Most public bathrooms I use don’t have a place to hang my bag and not because it fell/broke. It’s clear there was never one installed.


Image source: Digitlnoize, Star Wars

The writers of Star Wars Episode 7. Their one job was to reunite the OG trio (Han, Luke, Leia). They failed. Making a Star Wars sequel without reuniting the trio, is like making a Harry Potter sequel without reuniting Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Just a fail.


Image source: gregofdeath

Liz Truss. Took office, went to extreme lengths to take care of her wealthy pals at the top, took our currency to historic lows with Kwasi Kwarteng’s horrendously planned “mini budget”, killed off the housing market, announced £45bn of unplanned tax cuts, went into hiding and then dipped out of the job after seven weeks. She is the shortest serving PM in UK history, and the previous shortest serving PM died in office after serving just shy of four months in office.


Image source: svrgnctzn, Andrew Neel

Robin Hood trading app. Was created to “level the playing field” between large equity trading firms and everyday traders. Then when the poors started making money and the big trading houses started losing money on their short positions, they shut down trading by regular people so the big guys could get their positions realigned and not go broke.

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