20 Horrible Tattoos Shared On This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Tattoos have become a way of expressing ourselves these days. So, most people usually choose the best designs and tattoo artists when they decide to ink their bodies. However, sometimes, people don’t think much before inking some ridiculous design on their bodies, and sometimes, the tattoo artist messes things up and people end up having scars instead of beautiful tattoos.

There is a Reddit community called “Bad Tatttos” where you’ll find all sorts of hilarious and weird tattoos. Check out some of the worst tattoo fails posted by the group in the gallery below. And if you are unfortunately stuck with a bad tattoo, check out these interesting cover-up ideas.

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#1 I Think It’s Eye Catching

Image source: kittenshateme

#2 “O No! Can You Remove That S?” “Say No More, Fam”

Image source: bobby2286

#3 Friend Bought A Tattoo Gun On Amazon For £100. Tattooed Darth Vader On Himself

Image source: reddit.com

#4 Playboy Can’t Wait To Go To The Beach To Show It Off

Image source: multipleklarts

#5 Some Guy Tried To Copy My Tattoo Artist’s Work – Nipple Tattooed On His Arm

Image source: samusxmetroid

#6 Okay, Buddy, Okay

Image source: paperrchain

#7 Terrifying

Image source: throckmorton_

#8 I’m Speechless

Image source: johnnyhumanseeds

#9 How? Why?

Image source: cooljesus69

#10 Tweakerbell

Image source: aback5

#11 Some Terrible Anatomy. Where Are His Feet?

Image source: Sylvi2021

#12 Spotted This On My Facebook Feed

Image source: aquasun666

#13 It Looks Like A Lawsuit

Image source: FoxFreeze

#14 That’s Too Expensive, I Have A Friend That Can Do It For Less

Image source: kingneeko

#15 Ting Baby From The Future

Image source: MindlessJamiroca

#16 A Buddy Of Mine Has A Friend Who Gave Himself This In 8th Grade

Image source: shad0w2323

#17 “What Angle Do You Want The Plane From?” “All Of Them”

Image source: MarkusAk

#18 They Did Freddie Wrong

Image source: Real_Clever_Username

#19 It’s Supposed To Be A Galaxy

Image source: blahblahblahokay

#20 No Ragrets On This One

Image source: Sublime-

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