30 Wholesome Reactions Of Pets Trying New Things

Published 1 year ago

When Anna sang “For the first time in forever” in Frozen, her enthusiasm was over the top. That is the case with most of us, isn’t it? The excitement of doing something new is scary but thrilling at the same time.

Also, when it comes to babies, parents want to document their every first experience to preserve them as memories. The same goes for pet parents. They too, love to capture their tiny ones’ first experiences. Today, we have collected the most adorable pics of pets’ reactions to their first-times posted by their owners. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 This Was The First Time My Kitten Watched Our Christmas Tree Light Up

Image source: TechnoTyrannosaurus

#2 My German Shepherd Experienced Snow For The First Time

Image source: Supersam1492

#3 My Pomeranian’s First Snow

Image source: difuk

#4 Their First Taste Of Peach. My Fingers Were Not Safe

Image source: abutler95

#5 My Labrador Puppy Chased A Ball For The First Time

Image source: CraftyGoblinSurfing

#6 Look At That Contented Smile And Those Lovely Eyes

Image source: dog_rates

#7 Rudy Went For A Swim For The Very First Time

Image source: poringowns

#8 Mimi Tried Lime For The First Time

Image source: jmmfmlmf

#9 When My Dog Ravioli Saw His Puppies For The First Time

Image source: figuringout25

#10 She Experienced Rain For The First Time

Image source: JereJereDaze

#11 Gary Was Pretty Excited About Reaching His First Ever Summit

Image source: vpdots

#12 My Dog Saw Me In The Bathtub For The First Time. She Was So Worried That She Had To Call The Backup. Cat Was Not Impressed Too

Image source: DontWorryImMedicated

#13 I Took My Dog On His First Boat Ride

Image source: xsparr0w

#14 Oliver Is Unsure Of What To Do With His First Time Under The Christmas Tree

Image source: robot757

#15 My Indoor Cat’s First Time Experiencing Heights, And He Instantly Regretted It

Image source: supercj926

#16 When Mom And Dad Take You To The Dog Park For The First Time

Image source: bakedbykate

#17 Hildegard’s First Snow Experience Went Well

Image source: artBran

#18 Rhodie’s First Time Seeing Snow

Image source: malpup

#19 Clara’s First Trip To The Backyard. I Think She Liked It

Image source: neptunesmoon

#20 First Night At Home After Being Adopted

Image source: PixelatedStitch

#21 He Heard Me Sneeze For The First Time

Image source: Cereal-Grapist

#22 The First Time My Little Guy Got Groomed

Image source: justy805

#23 Rescue Lizard’s First Experience Of The Outside World. Look At That Face

Image source: BookkeeperBig2164

#24 Bear’s First Time In The Mountains, And Needless To Say, He’s In Heaven

Image source: Cusackjeff

#25 Timber Got To Ride In The Front Seat Of My Truck For The First Time. When Asked If He Liked The Air Conditioner, This Was His Reply

Image source: OneTrueHutch

#26 Nimbus Met Our Dog For The First Time. This Is Her Being Intimidating

Image source: 211av8r

#27 The Way My Cat Looked At My New Boyfriend When She First Met Him

Image source: spara07

#28 Two Brothers 5 Months Apart. They’re Meeting For The First Time

Image source: Mohawk_Mike

#29 My New Kitten’s First Encounter With The Big Ball Of Flame In The Sky

Image source: Sava333

#30 Puppy Met His First Box Turtle

Image source: Mohan_Yadav

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