30 Of The Most Rare Genetic Mutations Ever Spotted On Pets

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever seen a rainbow-colored snake? Or a cat with 4 ears? If you haven’t, you are about to see them, and many more pets with unique physical features.

Sometimes rare genetic anomalies occur in animals that result in unusual physical appearances. Today, we have collected some photos of animals that are truly one of a kind! Check out some of the most unique ones in the gallery below.

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#1 People Always Tell Me My Cat Has The Most Beautiful Eyes

Image source: myhightide

#2 Rowdy Met A New Friend Today. This Is Marcus And He Has Such A Great Attitude About His Vitiligo. He Thinks It’s Pretty Cool

Image source: white_eyed_rowdy

#3 Zeus The German Shepherd Dog With Dwarfism

Image source: zeus_the_dwarf_gsd

#4 Meet Narnia, A Rare Two Faced Cat

Image source: amazingnarnia

This blue-eyed kitten’s face was precisely divided into two halves: a gray half and a black half, and everyone was surprised when they first saw him.

#5 She Has The Most Gorgeous Eyes

Image source: DragonKittyNSFW

#6 Holy Toebeans Big Foot

Image source: Pirate_Redbeard

#7 Did Anyone Say Dalmatian Pied? Hands-Down One Of The Most Unique Pieds I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: thepythonpit

#8 Bernese Mountain Dog With Vitiligo

Image source: siegfriedthedog

#9 Rainbow Reticulated Python. Just Another Reminder That There Are So Many Beautiful Things In This World That Are Underappreciated – Including Snakes

Image source: thereptilezoo

#10 Those Ears

Image source: tvich1015

#11 This Is Fanny. She Has A Rare Skin Condition Called Vitiligo, Causing Her Hair To Depigment

Image source: fannyasfresh

#12 This Stunning Cat With Striking Two Coloured Eyes Due To A Rare Genetic Condition

Image source: oddity_olive

#13 Cat With 4 Ears

Image source: midas_x24

#14 Feel Free To Boop Or High Five The Snoot

Image source: dog_rates

#15 Dexter And His Abnormally Long Tail

Image source: jubileesoph

#16 This Cat Must Have A Secret Identity

Image source: chrisbarnett64

#17 A Cat With Two Functional Noses That Came To The Clinic I Work At

Image source: theyenyen

#18 This Is Jinx – He Was Born With One Ear

Image source: NinjaFiasco

#19 This Is Dino. He Has Dwarfism. He’s A Very Small Boy

Image source: dogememes_dinoruby

#20 A Python With Piebald Mutation

Image source: DaniStormborn

#21 I Foster With My Local Shelter And Received A Litter With One Kitten Who Has Dwarfism. She’s Half The Size Of Her Littermates. Highly Criminal. Just Dastardly

Image source: Yvaika

#22 Frankie, One-Eyed Kitty With Four Ears Finds A Foster Home

Image source: frank_n_kitten

#23 Meet Avgust, The Extraterrestrial Albino Dog From Moscow, Russia

Image source: keerio_

#24 Eggleston Has Some Extra Toes

Image source: highrollerbipolar

#25 My Cat Has A Genetic Mutation That Makes Her Eyes Weird, Her Sight Is Perfect

Image source: ViVilma

#26 I Am A Little Tiger… Vitiligo

Image source: elli.vitiligo

#27 Found This Bunny With Unique Markings- Wanted You To Know That You’re Unique. You’re Loved. Just Like This Bun

Image source: rkprado_

#28 Meet Pixel, My Beautiful Kitten With Heterochromia

Image source: MayaKitsu

#29 I Saw An Adult German Shepherd That’s Diagnosed With Dwarfism Today And It’s The Cutest Thing I Saw All Year

Image source: Hebahx

#30 I Was Told My New Rescue Pup Has The Rarest Of Ears

Image source: flytingnotfighting

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