Photographer Tried 18 Beauty Products That Claim To Make You Beautiful Without Surgery

Published 6 years ago

There are some ridiculous beauty tips out there on the internet, in the women magazines, and even in your nosy old neighbor’s diary. Everyone seems to know how to change your looks for the better these days, even Ebay can offer you a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had.

There, somewhere between cheap cameras and impressive hairclips, you can find a wide range of cheap beauty gadgets that an art student Evija Laivina decided to show in her project “Beauty Warriors”. Her friends, family, and volunteers posed whilst ‘using’ the magical tools resulting in weird and slightly disturbing pictures.

The idea of the project is to emphasize how ridiculous and glorified the beauty standards are these days. “We often forget about the importance of inner beauty,” claims the artist.

Scroll down below to see the results of this experiment.

More info: (h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Face Slimmer

#2 Anti-Wrinkle Mask

#3 Anti-Double Chin Bandage

#4 Nose Straightener

#5 Smile Trainer

#6 Facelift Bandage (With Spikes Inside!)

#7 Eyelid Trainer

#8 Eyebrow Stencil

#9 Anti-Wrinkle Mask

#10 Facemask


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