25+ Celebrities Share Their Old Headshots, And Some Are Barely Recognizable

Published 6 years ago

We all have some photos of ourselves that we do not necessarily want the world to see. And if it’s awkward for us, imagine how embarrassing it can be for celebrities that everyone knows all around the world. Well, the new hashtag #OldHeadshotDay is bringing the forgotten sides of the people we are so used to see. This hashtag trend will definitely bring you down the memory lane by showing how much these celebrities have changed!

Hopefully, more will follow in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Watson, and other beloved faces, surprising us with more ridiculously cute headshots. Scroll down to see the images yourself!

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#1 Chris Pratt ‏

Image source: prattprattpratt

#2 Melissa Mccarthy

Image source: melissamccarthy

#3 Misha Collins

Image source: mishacollins

#4 Ryan Reynolds

Image source: vancityreynolds

#5 Matt Damon

Image source: benaffleck

#6 Ben Stiller

Image source: benstiller

#7 Reese Witherspoon

Image source: reesewitherspoon

#8 Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‏

Image source: hitRECordJoe

#9 Mark Hamill

Image source: HamillHimself

#10 Zach Braff

Image source: zachbraff

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