10+ ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ Situations When People Had To Back Their Unbelievable Stories With Photos

Published 6 years ago

So you’re telling a story of something unbelievably cool that you’ve witnessed and in the end, instead of hearing astonished ooh’s and ahh’s, you get “no way!” and “you’re just making that up!” If that sounds familiar to you, you might need to get into the habit of taking pictures of all the awesome stuff that’s happening around you.

You see a car parked in a balcony or a squirrel munching on a slice of pizza? Snap it and maybe it’ll end up on a list like the one below. Scroll down to see the photos that are as funny as they are hard to believe in.


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#1 Kansas City Fire Department Saves Kansas City Police Department From Elevator

Image source: somedudefromks

#2 I Walk Through The Park And Suddenly I Saw This

Image source: WildMartenInTheGooseberries

#3 It’s As If It Was Meant To Be

Image source: MobileTechGuy

#4 I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof

Image source: beefyfritosburrito

#5 “When Your Three Year Old Tells Man At Mcdonald’s That His Pants Are Falling Down.” Friend’s Photo

Image source: imblackgrapes

#6 A Gorilla Flipped Me Off, So I Flipped Him Off In Return And He Was Very Offended

Image source: snailsNwales

#7 My Aunt Got Some New Neighbors Who Came By To Introduce Themselves Today.

Image source: alliegatorrr

#8 Upon Arriving To Help Get My Keys Out Of My Car, The AAA Guy Locked His Keys In His Car And Had To Call AAA

Image source: potatoboy221

#9 Paddling In The Middle Of Monterey Bay, And This Guy Needed A Break

#10 When I Was 11 I Played Chess With Morgan Freeman

Image source: koliano


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