40 Products That Are Still Pointlessly Gendered

Published 4 months ago

It always baffles me when I see the products at the supermarket, like razors or lotion, categorised according to gender. Why just change the colour and increase the price just a bit more for the female version of the same identical product? Well, that confusion is just a glimpse into the world of needlessly gendered items found in stores.

We’ve compiled some of the most absurd instances where companies unnecessarily assign gender to products. So, sit back, scroll below to check out the most outrageous examples, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments sections.

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#1 Now I Can Finally Wash My Dishes

Image source: manas0416

#2 Apparently, Men Don’t Deserve Bright-Colored Macaroons

Image source: natstonyx

#3 My Dad’s Tape Measure

Image source: Mozilie

#4 God Forbid If Your Child Learned The Wrong Alphabet

Image source: 8euztnrqvn

#5 Just Why?

Image source: Pigeoncoup234

#6 If You Are A Girl Who Is Interested In Science, Make Sure That Your Microscope Is Pink

Image source: SpasticGoldenToys

#7 When You’re An Insecure Man Who Thinks Skin Care Is Feminine

Image source: cap-tain_19

#8 Of Course, The Pink One Will Be More Expensive

Image source: laluzon

#9 For The Extra Charge, They Should At Least Throw In Some Menstrual Products

Image source: TomKatMPLS

#10 Kids’ Globes, Because For Girls, The Entire World Is Pink, And Only Pink, Right?

Image source: Norhtstorm

#11 I Found This Terribly Gendered Bathroom Sign While Looking For A Local Restaurant

Image source: unsuretysurelysucks

#12 Damn, That’s Crazy


#13 Cotton Swabs For Only The Manliest Of Ear Canals

Image source: thelivinlegend

#14 Men Exercise And Women Bleed. The Ingredients Are Exactly The Same

Image source: IndiaMike1

#15 Well, Damn. I Bought These, Not Realizing I Couldn’t Use Them

Image source: InconceivableFeline

#16 Are You A Girl Or A Dreamer?

Image source: MagsTheMagician

#17 Pay More, Get Less

Image source: GrilledOrphans

#18 If You Get Your Boy Dog The Girl Dog Shampoo, He Will Turn Into A Flower

Image source: Dangerous-Exercise20

#19 The Three Genders Of Gardening Gloves: Precision, Grip Extreme And Lady Garden

Image source: Garfield_60

#20 Thanks, FaceApp. Very Cool

Image source: TheCommanderSkittles

#21 How Would Anyone Know That This Is Masculine Deodorant For Men Unless We Present It With Nuts And Bolts

Image source: missis_issis

#22 I Found This At A Walmart, Because Girls Need Special Basketballs

Image source: Hell_Freeze

#23 Ah Yes, Because We Need To Split The Bible

Image source: SaltnPiper413

#24 Who Would Want This On A Cup Anyway?

Image source: legends_of_nisty

#25 I Was Going Through Stuff And Stumbled Upon My Dad’s Old School Books

Image source: smolglowcloud

#26 I Have A Feeling There’s Going To Be A Lot Of These Kinds Of Posts This Season, But Wow, This Is Bad

Image source: sirkidd2003

#27 A Local Restaurant Offers A Woman’s Meal That Is Half The Food Of A Man’s Meal But For Only A Dollar Less

Image source: Jomalar

#28 This German BBQ Cookbook With Recipes “For Him” And “For Her”

Image source: tanjaeckh

#29 Gendered Garbage Cans

Image source: lasophielabelle

#30 I Don’t Dare To Think About What Will Happen If I Accidentally Eat The “Wrong” Bratwurst

Image source: Lord_Curtain

Left: women’s bratwurst with sea salt and Mediterranean spices.
Right: men’s bratwurst with fried onions and cheese.

#31 Day Planner For The Boss And For Girl Boss (I’ve Checked, The Pages Are Identical)

Image source: settiek

#32 Gendered Bow And Arrows

Image source: LoxartOfficial

#33 Just Why?

Image source: maiapleiades

#34 Even Dogs Aren’t Safe

Image source: PowerfulNeurons

#35 It’s Water

Image source: Greenlight_Miami444

#36 Thank God, My Son Won’t Go Without Male Batteries

Image source: jalapenho

#37 Wouldn’t Want To Look Ridiculous Now, Would We?

Image source: Amaaog

#38 Chocolate-Flavored Cereals Of All Things

Image source: Radical-Coffee

#39 Crab Is For Girls And Spicy Tuna Is For Boys

Image source: kenkat17

#40 Pointlessly Gendered Candy

Image source: stillimpressed

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