20 Times People Spotted “Shrinkflation” In Real Life And Just Had To Share Them Online

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever wondered why your favorite chocolate bar got thinner over the past few years but its price remained the same? There are many such products whose quality or quantity have been compromised due to increasing inflation.

Some companies have even stooped so low that they put wrong ‘net weight’ information on their packs to fool the customers. In the subreddit “Shrinkflation”, people expose some products that have shrunk so much without any price decrease. In fact, it has increased in some cases! Check out some of their photos in the gallery below.

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#1 This Shrinkflation Of Toblerone In The UK, Is Still Mind-Boggling

Image source: y3rnaux

#2 The Shrinkflation Of The Old Pringles Design (165g) To The New (134g)

Image source: eternalcollapse

#3 Oreo Filling Isn’t Just Thinner… Now It Doesn’t Even Reach The Edge

Image source: Luke_Orlando

#4 Big Mac Hit With The Shrink Ray?

Image source: CausalDiamond

#5 They Couldn’t Even Wait Until The Old One Was Gone To Put Up The New Size

Image source: JudasPenguin

#6 Yes, This Is New And Unused

Image source: GiShG69

#7 Plenty Of Room To Spare

Image source: ramathorn47

#8 This Is Now “Double Stuffed”

Image source: O_Or-

#9 Sometimes I Like To Flip The Chips In The Store Shelves

Image source: whoadan

#10 This Is Insane

Image source: Mitche420

#11 I’ve Been Bamboozled

Image source: Guava_Lune

#12 Ah Yes ± 25ml, Thank You WD-40

Image source: nzeck

#13 This Must Be Their Way Of Saying “We Decreased The Amount But Kept The Container Size The Same” (Oikos Yogurt, 5.3 Oz)

Image source: NotJimIrsay

#14 Is It Shrinkflation When They Just Lie About The Weight? Paid For 12 Oz Of Fish, Got 10.6 Including The Wrapping

Image source: m4rc0n3

#15 When I Was A Teen, These Stretched The Length Of The Package. Those Were The Days

Image source: slowlysoslowly

#16 These Used To Be 6 To A Pack. Same Price Of Course

Image source: alabastardariel

#17 Breyers Chocolate Chip Used To Be Jammed With Chocolate, Now It’s Almost Just Plain Vanilla

Image source: 94_ny_rangers

#18 The Top Box Is From A Well Established Reoccurring Promotion

Image source: EverydayDan

#19 I Bought A New IKEA Utensil Holder And It Kept Tipping Over. Turns Out It’s The Same Dimensions And Material As The Old One I Have But It Weighs Over 50% Less

Image source: SirGergoyFriendman

#20 Wife Bought Paper Towels From A Chain Store Brand Today. Regular Roll Core For Comparison

Image source: Tom-o-matic

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