This Couple Takes Amazing Aerial Shots Of “Poland From The Sky” (20 Pics)

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Poland is a beautiful country adjoining the Baltic Sea and placed in Central Europe; home to several vibrant cities known for their heritage and splendid cuisine, and the Polish couple, Aleksandra Łogusz and Maciej Margas, are on a mission to show that beauty to the world. 

‘Poland On Air’ started as a passion project that began for photographer Maciej Margas when he was just 16 years of age and shooting pictures from the rooftops of Warsaw. This eventually lead to him meeting his wife, a journalist, who was also capturing pictures from rooftops. She eventually landed the chance to capture some aerial footage and took him along so that they could share their common love for Poland with the world through photography together. 

Scroll below for some of the incredible shots they have gathered from their excursions, allowing all of us to enjoy these amazing aerial views of “Poland From The Sky”. 

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1. A map/list of places to photograph in Poland

2. Poland From The Sky

#3 Warsaw In The Clouds

In Autumn we were able to capture the Polish capital in a sea of fog. Looking at the history of Warsaw, this photo is quite symbolic – the city was nearly completely destroyed in World War II, but thanks to the people of Warsaw, it was rebuilt and has risen like the phoenix from the ashes.

#4 The End Or The Beginning Of Poland

The Hel Peninsula is 35 kilometers long and is one of the greatest unique features of Poland.

#5 River’s End

A place, where after 650 miles Vistula, the longest Polish river, flows into the Baltic Sea.

#6 Flying In A Doorless Plane

Without doors, it’s much easier to frame, but the cold wind may become a huge problem.

#7 The Pieniny Archipelago

Flying over the sea of fog and seeing Pieniny mountains rising above the clouds was a unique and mystical experience. It looks like an archipelago, not mountains at all!

#8 Solina Lake

Dam in Solina created one of the most picturesque lakes in Poland.

#9 The Biggest Desert In Europe

The Błędowska Desert isn’t a work of nature, but of man. A few centuries ago local forests were cut down for the needs of silver and lead smelters.

#10 Abstract Shapes

These shapes are in fact created by ash wastes of Belchatow Power Plant.

#11 At Work

POLAND ON AIR – Aleksandra Łogusz and Maciej Margas – at work!

#12 An Alien Plant

It’s a waste container for the side effect of copper production.

#13 The Land Of Great Masurian Lakes

In the photo, you can see the biggest lake in Poland – Śniardwy. It’s nearly as big as Toruń!

#14 Biebrzanski National Park

It’s the biggest national park in Poland, located in the northeastern part of the country. The river here creates a muddy terrain. It’s hard to reach from the ground, but a perfect place for many bird species.

#15 Amazing Rivers

The winding paths of Wieprz River.

#16 Marina In Gdynia

Winter creates fantastic landscapes!

#17 Pol’and’rock Festival

The camp field from above.

#18 Tatra Mountains

This mountain range is partially Polish, but mostly Slovakian. In the center of the frame, you can see Morskie Oko – the biggest Tatra lake and the tourist shelter. To the right, there is a Rysy peak (8198 ft AMSL), the highest place in Poland.

#19 Mystery Castle

The lower Silesia region is full of all kinds of castles and palaces. The Czocha Castle seen in the photo was a major film set element for over 30 movies.

#20 The Ideal City

Zamość was founded by the 16th-century magnate Jan Zamoyski, and for this purpose, he hired a designer from the Italian city of Padua – Bernardo Morando. How did they manage to create such a complete form without looking at this Pearl of the Renaissance from the air, just like us?

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