Powerful Images Show The Terrible Effects Of Overpopulation

Published 9 years ago

There are more than seven billion souls now alive on Earth – and the planet is suffering. An environmental NGO Global Population Speak Out has produced a photo book documenting the planets woes, called “Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot”. The somewhat unique angle of the book is that many of the problems are tied to the population boom.

To put it bluntly, more people means more consumption, more trash, and more pollution. Land has to be prepared for farming and resource extraction, clearing away forests and nature. Trash famously finds its way out of the overflowing garbage collection dumps and into nature. And, of course, the infrastructure supporting our lives can have it‘s own accidents, like oil rig fires and oil spills, and rivers polluted with factory run-off.

Global Population Speak Out strives to spread awareness about the issues arising from overpopulation and consumerism. Their leading suggestions include emancipation of women, as well as wider access to education – both measures that would lead to falling birthrates. General activism and awareness rising is important, too, to bring the message to those who do not know about the world‘s problems.

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More info: populationspeakout,org | AmazonFacebookTwitter | Pinterest (h/t: boredpanda.es)

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Surfing a wave of trash near Java (Indonesia), the most populous island in the world.


National Willamette forest, Oregon (USA), 99% deforested


Yellow river in Mongolia: so polluted, it’s almost impossible to breathe near it


Ken River oil field, California (USA), in exploitation since 1899



Fire at oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, April 2010


Landscape full of trash in Bangladesh


Indonesian forest, now transformed into palm plantation


Amazonian jungle (Brazil), burned down to be “repurposed”


Tagebau Hambach strip mine (Germany), where world’s biggest excavator Bagger 288 extracts coal


Landfill in Accra (Ghana): electronic trash ends up in Third-World countries.


Mexico City (Mexico), 20 million inhabitants


Midway Islands (North Pacific), albatross that died from consuming plastic trash


Almeria (Spain), a landscape of greenhouses


Zone rich in tar in Alberta (Canada), affected by mining and toxic waste


Maldives (Indian ocean), the rising water levels will engulf it by 2050


Mir mine (Russia), world’s biggest diamond mine.


Svalbard (Arctic Ocean), a giant glacier is melting


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