20 Times Things Did Not Age Well And Ended Up In The ‘Aged Like Milk’ Online Group

Published 3 years ago

You should always think twice before posting something on the internet, because there’s a good chance that all of the nonsense you share will remain there forever. And it often comes back to bite you in the butt at the most inconvenient time.

If you’ve ever posted anything cringy online, chances are it ended up on the Aged Like Milk subreddit. The subreddit in question has over 717k members who regularly share the most poorly aged things that did not stand the test of time – check it out in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 Kevin…you Sweet, Sweet Summer Child

Image source: 2343252621

#2 A Million Years

Image source: AwesomeAlKTM

#3 I Bet He Felt Great For The First 16 Minutes

Image source: PeteO5D

#4 An Old “Helpful” Tip In A Magazine

Image source: Nyxel_

#5 Heh Heh Heh

Image source: Bunnyjets

#6 80 Years Ago A Us President Was Advocating For Job Guarantee And Many More Thinks

Image source: Nibelungen342

#7 An Interesting Title

Image source: trebeckface

#8 Oh, The Irony!

Image source: einklich

#9 A Starcraft Gaming Tournament Took Place 10 Years Ago And These Were The Prizes Teams Could Win

Image source: fv7061

#10 Found This In My Pictures From Mid 2019

Image source: Original_Goose1

#11 “No Tea, Thank You”

Image source: SpikedZen

#12 That’s Gotta Hurt

Image source: murdered800times

#13 Microsoft Employees Holding A Funeral For The iPhone Following The “Success” Of Their Windows Phone

Image source: spoon_full

#14 Sorry Man

Image source: l-am-Not-Me

#15 Found On Ig Overheardonwallstreet

Image source: knorque

#16 Trump Calls Coronavirus A Hoax, Now Covid-19 Positive

Image source: arreolad

#17 I’m Thankful For The Internet

Image source: lion_OBrian

#18 Classic Daily Mail

Image source: RopesAreForPussies

#19 Quote From Ellen In A Book My Daughter Is Reading

Image source: pestario

#20 Sure It Won’t Jump Over 14$

Image source: rockerest

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