Portable home ESCLICE Native house

Published 9 years ago

Portable home Esclice designed by Latvian architects Toms Kokins & Martins Hermansons www.osismaja.lv

Esclice is made to set out, create a compact-class design house that satisfies the desire for a high quality living and working environment, at the same time reducing its costs, unnecessary space and ecological footprint to minimum. A healthy space is among Esclice Native house targets – materials, air circulation and natural light arrangement is designed to contribute to human wellness.

Interior finish in ash wood is made in collaboration with Latvian design company MINT Light Living, www.mintfurnitureshop.com, designer Janis Rauza

Photography by Matteo Cirenei

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Ieva Andzane

I am a designer by profession BA (hons) graduate from Wolverhampton University, UK, mother to a little boy in real life and international representative for two leading Latvian furniture design brands - Janis Straupe www.straupe.com, luxury furniture & art and MINT Light Living - retro inspired, scandinavian style furniture brand www.mintfurnitureshop.com

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