30 Things That Got A Whole New Look After Being Power Washed

Published 10 months ago

Have you ever come across a video where someone is cleaning and strangely watched till the very end? Or perhaps you have seen those ancient and dirty carpets being power-washed and been strangely satisfied with the end result. 

If this kind of thing has appealed to you in the past, the following gallery of posts will be rather pleasing to your sensibilities. Found on a subreddit dedicated to power washing pics, these images focus on the amazing abilities of this tool. Invented in America during the prohibition period and apparently in response to it, the power washer does a super cleaning job, and below are the pics to prove it.

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#1 Indian Sandstone

Image source: custardy_cream

#2 Cathedral-Basilica In León, Nicaragua – Roof Restoration

Image source: HSGabo

#3 Bringing A Pond Back To Life

Image source: Paper_Coin

#4 Erasing 25 Years

Image source: BostonBobL

#5 My Sister + Power-Washer = Excellent Results

Image source: Kelly960

#6 Before And After

Image source: hassan_26

#7 My Mom Cleaned The Pool

Image source: catknitski

#8 My First Power-Wash. Loved It

Image source: zvekl

#9 Got It Done Today. Fountain Was All Cleaned Up

Image source: thepowerofwaterpw

#10 I Now Have Clean Balls

Image source: iccsos

#11 A Quick Walk Clean

Image source: iccsos

#12 Imperial Castle In Poznan, Poland

Image source: bigmeat

#13 Brick Steps

Image source: MakeMeMooo

#14 Unearthed My Overgrown Front Path

Image source: AudiFiend

#15 My Dad Power-Washed This Little Alcove On His House

Image source: Pumm

#16 Just Bought My First House And Thought My Shutters Were Green

Image source: beardandbandana

#17 A 400m Power-Washing Mural On The Vouglans Dam In France

Image source: Lightwags

#18 From Brown To Red

Image source: iccsos

#19 Patio Before And After

Image source: HelloJohn_HelloJohn

#20 Before, During, After

Image source: scotty2hotty94

#21 My Uncle Owns A Power-Washing Business. So Satisfying

Image source: MGNConflict

#22 Adirondack Chairs Before And After

Image source: AHole95

#23 Stone Cleaning

Image source: bripark89

#24 So Rewarding- Hasn’t Been Touched In 30 Years

Image source: luckysgrow

#25 Sweet And Sad. My Uncle Lost His Wife A Few Years Ago. Still Misses Her Dearly

Image source: benny2408

#26 Quite Happy With How This Deck Cleaned Up

Image source: zplums222

#27 I Restored A Family Heirloom

Image source: Cori-ly_Fries

#28 I Bought A Sailing Boat That Had Been Stood Unused For 15 Years. Nothing That A Good Clean Can’t Fix

Image source: TomKostas

#29 My Grandmother Needed Her Deck Cleaned, But This Was More Pleasing

Image source: hunglowbungalow

#30 Before And After. A Satisfying Few Hours

Image source: reddit.com

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