20 Tweets Of Things People Miss Most About Their Pre-Internet Lives

Published 10 months ago

On April 30, 1993, the world wide web became accessible to the public. Since then, the world has undergone significant changes due to this massive technological leap. Today, over 5 billion people use the internet out of which 60% of traffic is through cellphone usage.

Nowadays we read news, shop, work and even keep up with our friends from around the world online. The pace at which the Internet has taken over our lives is so mind-boggling, it’s hard to remember those pre-internet days. One Twitter user, Eric Alper, recently asked fellow Tweeters to reminisce alongside him about our pre-internet lives and the responses certainly do evoke a host of memories. Scroll to check out some of the things folks shared which, as usual, we’ve posted for your convenience below. 


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