20 Photos Of Retro Things That May Remind You Of Your Younger Days

Published 1 year ago

It is a commonly accepted human practice to sit and reminisce about the good ol’ days at least once a week. To talk about all the “wholesome” things we had, the “healthy” activities we engaged in or the “real” games we played outdoors. 

From our grandparents to our parents and now to us, this tradition has continued unabatedly and we have yet more to add to the nostalgia repertoire. Found on the “Do You Remember When?” Facebook page, these photos are fresh reminders of days gone by. 

More info: DoYouRemember.com | Facebook

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#1 I Had To Explain What The Scar Was To My Tattoo Artist. It’s All Covered Up Now

Image source: Do You Remember When

#2 I Remember Thinking I Was Playing It Cool, With A Candy Cigarette Hanging From My Lips

Image source: Do You Remember When

#3 Fun Dip

Image source: Do You Remember When

#4 Do You Remember This Experience In Shoe Stores?

Image source: Do You Remember When

#5 Older Than Dirt. I Have 78’s

Image source: Do You Remember When

#6 How Did You Open This Container?

Image source: @HeisenbergLab

#7 A Book Full Of Life Savers

Image source: RNW1215

#8 Popcorn Made Like This

Image source: Ron Ross

#9 Oh Boy Do I Remember… I Think Every Household Had One. Ours Was White!

Image source: Do You Remember When

#10 The Struggle Was Real

Image source: Do You Remember When

#11 Went To Grammy’s House And She’s Got This On The Wall… Nice Can Opener But I Love The Lightswitch Covers Even Better!

Image source: Do You Remember When

#12 Toilet Paper Roll Deserts

Image source: MooseKnuckleBrigade

#13 Alice Cooper And The Muppets

Image source: Do You Remember When

#14 We All Know That Butter Rum Is The Best Flavor

Image source: brolbo

#15 Who Remembers?

Image source: Do You Remember When

#16 If You’ve Ever Concocted A Delicious Mixture In This Exact Blender

Image source: Do You Remember When

#17 When The Wendy’s Back Packaging Was Still Yellow

Image source: Zabboon

#18 When You Could Make The Whole Diner Listen To Your Song

Image source: classcreator.com

#19 The Fruit Log

Image source: Adventure84

#20 Oldies And Goldie’s! Love Them ! I Have Those That Belonged To My Parents And Grandparents!

Image source: Do You Remember When

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