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35+ Times People Managed To Capture Disney-Like Moments In Real Life

Published 1 year ago

#11 Squirrel Fell In Love With My Stepdad

Image source: forty_hands

#12 Made A New Friend!

Image source: rachieface76

#13 The Day After Hurricane Irma, This Baby Squirrel Ran Straight Up To Me, Jumped Into My Hands And Passed Out. I’m Sure It Had A Rough Night

Image source: purrbubble

#14 This Chipmunk Looking Up At My Gf On Top Of Eagle Cap Summit

Image source: EngineeringExplained

#15 Owl Landed On My Friend’s Head At A Luke Bryan Concert

Image source: eldiablo11

#16 Everyone Can Be A Disney Princess

Image source: tothmedia

#17 When Being A Disney Princess Gets A Little Too Real

Image source: ConfederacyOfDunces

#18 Baby Deer Wants Scratches

Image source: Alexandre_Qc

#19 Unknowingly Hired A Disney Princess As A Contractor

Image source: mako275

#20 Guys Am I A Disney Princess Yet

Image source: batphantom

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