30 Of The Best And Worst Things About These Countries According To Citizens

Published 7 months ago

Just like so many others, I too love my country and often feel blessed to be here. But nothing is ever perfect and there are things that happen to make one frustrated with the way things are done and hope that one day things might change.

When folks were asked about their own home countries and what they would consider a pro and a con of living there, folks around the world responded with their personal observations giving the rest of us a chance to learn a thing or two about what other populations may be enduring. So if you’ve ever thought of migrating to any of these places you may want to consider what the citizens themselves have to say about the experience.

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Image source: External_Papaya7436, Ronnie Schmutz


Con: high cost of living.
Pro: the flag is a big plus.


Image source: orchidism, Martha Dominguez de Gouveia


Pro: free healthcare.

Con: it takes so long to get that you might die waiting for it.


Image source: TiredPandastic, https://www.pexels.com/photo/landscape-view-of-greece-during-day-time-161815/

Greece: Pros: * The weather is nice, except in the summer when the sun just hates your very existence and you roast alive even with the AC on full blast. * Nice beaches, in the right weather. * Kick*ss cuisine.

Cons: * Greeks have a reputation of hospitality but honestly, we are not a very nice people. Sexist, closed-minded, always out to exploit others for gain. * Greeks naturally just hate each other over the shi*tiest things. We’re talking actively, maliciously wishing misery upon one another, especially the ones we view as in any way successful or ‘different’. * Anyone in the tourism industry is an exploitative shark, the islands are no longer places where people actually live, they are just glorified resorts for the rich.


Image source: Unkn0wn_User-, Manuel Meurisse


Pro: No guns and free healthcare.

Cons: everything wants to kill you and the sun gives you cancer.


Image source: FilmAdministrative44, Marius Serban


con: we had one of, if not THE world’s most infamous leader in history represent our country and it still haunts us to this day. Our education system is on par with American dumpsterfire and our current military would get soloed by our local gym.

pro: we got some hella good non-alcoholic drinks here, tho.


Image source: more_beans_mrtaggart, Dominika Gregušová

United Kingdom.

Pro: Universal healthcare, beautiful countryside, nothing that can kill you, good infrastructure, more cheeses than France, more beers than Germany, lush, no cockroaches, no snakes, almost no mosquitos, good education, religion in deep decline.

Cons: Cost of living, Pay rates, Non-income taxation (hidden taxation), Brexit, Conservatism, urban decline.


Image source: Hullababoob, kylefromthenorth

South Africa.

Pros: Amazing climate, amazing food, amazing people, incredible landscapes and natural beauty, affordable cost of living compared to the rest of the world, robust private sector.

Cons: Horrific corruption, poverty is rife, horrendous public service delivery, rolling blackouts, inflation, stagnant economic growth.


Image source: kupimukki, Lukas Rychvalsky


Pro: people avoid you.

Con: that’s kinda lonely.


Image source: junvar0, Ani Adigyozalyan


Pro: We still exist.

Con: Unsure for how much longer though since 3 neighbors repeatedly genocide/ethnicically cleanse/invade us.


Image source: SiebeWobke, Jack Winbow

The Netherlands Too many pros so ill name a rather unknown one Pro: we have specialized tools for everything. Need a tool to cut out the seeds of an appel, here you go appelseedscutter. Want to get every little piece out of ketchup or appel sauce put of your bottle, here a flessenlikker. Con: house crisis, cost of living.


Image source: essecutor, Alev Takil


Pros: almost everything: weather, food, open minded society, relatively affordable, free healthcare…

Cons: Our people always thinking that life is better anywhere else.


Image source: OG_OG_Triple_OG, Hatice Baran


probably one of the best and most delicious food in Europe – ćevapi and burek unimaginable for anyone who didn’t try them, even vegetables is for some reason much more appetising than in Great Brittain and Germany.

Cheap restaurants – for 15 -20 euros you can eat whatever and whereever you want

Coffe culture – everyday, even at work, there is bare minimum of one paid, sometimes two half-hour long pauses when people stop with everything and socialize in cafe.

Crime rate – although there is a lot of crime like corruption there is not much robbery and things like that and is safe in almost every city to walk alone in any time of day.

Hospitality – it is part of culture that everybody greet guests in their house with table full of food, some rakija – homemade brandy made from plum, pear, quince – we’re experts in that, they teach you how to make rakija and show hospitality from childhood basicaly.

Free education and healt care – I can’t stress this enough. There is no student loans, most universities are state owned universities and healt care is also free, even most medicament are free!


Corruption: everything, and I mean everything is ruled by political connections, and because Bosnia is country of Bosnian muslims, Croatian catholtick and Serbian Orthodox christians (plenty of citizens don’t consider Bosnia as their country, rather Serbia and Croatia) there is plenty of corruption and stealing of money.

National tensions: war from 90s is almost everyday topic, we are living in the past

Standard of living: salaries are pretty basic, if you have salary cca 2000-3000 euros you will literary live like an milionaire in USA, but if you are without political connections or expert in you area of work, you will find it extremly hard to find a job and unfortunately plenty of people are emigrating.


Image source: Short-Knowledge-3393, Glib Albovsky


Pro: great food.

Con: located close to Russia.


Image source: kij101, Pixabay


Pro – it’s pretty stunning.

Con – The weather is s**t.


Image source: Ghostly_xyz, Fineas Anton

Pro: if you’re rich it’s one of the best places in the world.

Con: you can’t get rich here.



Image source: anon, Agustin Diaz Gargiulo


Pro: it’s a beautiful country.

CON: we have 9000 bank robberies or street-armed robberies every day.


Image source: paul_parker12, Matthias Mullie

I’m Venezuelan.

A pro is that our food is delicious, a con is that for like five years we had none of it.


Image source: anon, https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-people-walking-on-street-2416653/


Pros: No guns, so a very safe place to live.

Cons: Totally unaffordable rent and near impossible to buy a house.


Image source: ElPapaDiablo, Illiya Vjestica

United Kingdom.

Pro: Beautiful countryside that generally has public access.

Con: Run by a bunch of corrupt and useless tw*ts.


Image source: Lady_Ash8, Anthony DELANOIX


Pro: THE food, landscape.

Cons: Strikes, and for foreigners, poor level of English (and others languages)


Image source: Vegetable-Brother-57, Katerina Holmes


Pro: I have the freedom to choose the profession I love.

Con: I have to practice active shooter drills with my sweet kindergarten students.

Bonus!! Pro: my pay is funded by the government.

Con: My pay has me constantly worried about having enough money for my bills.


Image source: GamerGirl-07, Marvin Ozz


Pro: amazing food & festivals.

Con: religious tension, overpopulation & corrupt government.


Image source: SlightlyIncandescent, Giammarco Boscaro

UK Pro: We’re like a USA lite. Some of the good parts of the US without the guns and religion.

Con: We’re like a USA lite.


Image source: Shortsmoke666, Julian Yu

Pro : Anything, anywhere, any time. Food, alcohol, whatever.

Con : Way too much politics, casteism, division, racism, unsafe environment for girls, road rage.

Country : India


Image source: Conservative_Persona, Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


Pro: incredibly beautiful and clean nature.

Con: the weather is often so bad you need to stay indoors.


Image source: metal_gearmen, Los Muertos Crew

México. Tacos and narcos.


Image source: No-Entrepreneurrr, Matin Ziya


Pros: it has an airport.
Cons: I don’t have money to get on a plane in that airport to get the hell out.


Image source: kebbonito, Christian Paul Del Rosario

Pros: Beautiful beaches and views, great weather, hospitable people.

Cons: Corruption, exploitation of the marginalized members of the society, nepotism, bad infrastructure, low pay, and the culture of placing celebrities and politicians at the pedestal of our society.

Welcome to the Philippines.


Image source: Postseidon, Debbie Tea


Pro: culinary peak of the world, I’m very objective.

Con: we kinda live under the facade of a monarchy in the name of socialism.


Image source: TheUnseenTomato, Nick Karvounis


Major pros: Great food and nice weather.

Major cons: Incompetent government and c**p economy.

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