Guy Proves Flat-Earthers Are Wrong With One Simple Experiment

Published 6 years ago

Inspired by recent viral posts about a guy proving Earth isn’t flat after looking at Lake Michigan, a 36-year-old engineer named Jeff decided to do a little practical experiment. The point of this experiment was to simulate the curvature of the Earth using a basketball and a camera with a macro lens. Sounds simple enough, right?

Jeff says it’s easy to imagine being an incredibly small creature living on the surface of the basketball – “from the perspective of that tiny creature, the “horizon” of the basketball would always look “flat”.” He also says he doesn’t expect to change the minds of flat-earthers, but rather to help those, who are easily susceptible to flat-earthers arguments. The few flat-earthers who he has interacted with relied heavily on memes as a form of communication, so he wanted to respond with a meme “using their own logic, that points out the absurdity of their logic,” explains Jeff.

Even though people started saying that Jeff found proof that the Earth is indeed not flat, he says this experiment does not prove the Earth’s roundness. “It only proves in an easy-to-understand way that the surface of a sphere can appear flat,” says Jeff. “It proves that the basis of all flat-earthers’ beliefs is insufficient evidence to determine the shape of the earth.”

Check out Jeff’s simple experiment and explanations in the gallery below!

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This person used a basketball to do a clever experiment

He later added this message to clarify the meaning of this experiment:

Here’s how people reacted:

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