Queen size Beds: To Taste The Magnificence Of Being A Queen

Published 8 years ago

Trending from the historical period, the queen size beds have always been a piece of furniture that almost every girl cherishes to have. This is because of the adorable proud history that we have, that we are inclined to such dramatic things in our life. We do not like queen size beds more because it is a highly comfortable bed, but because it has some strings attached to the history, where the queen used to set the levels of feminism. If we talk above the partitions by caste, creed, religion, color,etc., each girl has a queen inside of her. Every girl has the power, just like a queen, that helps her rule her world. Every girl preserves in her a dignity of womanhood, which makes her realize her importance. Each girl, wears an invisible Tiara, like a princess which turns into a crown of responsibilities and love, when she gets mature. Such is the importance of a queen size bed. It takes us to the zone, where we are rewarded for our beauty, our compassion, and our strength.

A queen size beds, in the majestic times, was used by the Queen, who was very beautiful, adorned with the jewels. She used to sleep on this bed with the servants standing nearby, who were supposed to take care of every small need of the bed. That was how lavish this bed was. If you too want to live that comfortableness and get pampered to that extent, bring home a queen size bed.

This bed is neither as large as a king size bed nor as small as a twin bed. The utmost comfort could be promised if you have a habit of rotating around the bed like an hour hand on the clock. If you fancy all that dramatic look of the bed too, you must go for the poster queen size bed or the canopy queen size bed. Following are the array of queen size beds available, that are going to help you choose the right one for your room:

Four Poster Queen size bed: The four poster queen size bed will take you to the times where these were used by the English riches to sleep leisurely on. These beds have four posters standing at each of the corners. They look breathtakingly beautiful and are a timeless piece of furniture. It is optional to have a footboard attached at one end of this table, but there is always a headboard attached at the front add, that is responsible for multiplying the look of this queen size bed. They can be high rides or low height-ed, but if you chose to keep a height from the ground, these could support storage underneath the bed.

Canopy Queen size bed: The amazingly intimate and inconspicuous design of the queen size bed is the canopy bed. They look awe-inspiring because they have the four posters, that are covered by light and beautiful curtains, that make sleeping in the bed, a completely private affair. Their high-rise structure can promise to give an ode to the land of imaginations and dreams. They can be found to be made from the materials like wood or iron.

Sleigh Queen size bed: The sleigh queen size bed has a mandatory headboard and a curved foot board, which makes the overall look, even more intriguing. Theses beds look like a sleigh with the antique scrollwork and designs. These can be found in various varieties of wood.

Storage Queen size bed: How relaxing it would be while relaxing like a queen on a queen size bed, you can get all that you want, from underneath the same bed, without having to get up and keep your princess feet on the ground. These beds supports storage along with providing an extremely comfortable sleeping, which makes them a costlier option.

So, you know why you deserve a queen size bed, therefore, just go and hit the market and get your personal modern queen size bed designs.

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