25 Weird Facts That People Shared Saying ‘Don’t Ask How I Know’

Published 7 months ago

In a world brimming with information, there exists a category of knowledge that goes beyond the ordinary. These are the strange facts, the peculiar tidbits that make us raise an eyebrow, chuckle in disbelief, or simply marvel at the eccentricity of the universe.

A recent thread on Reddit posed a peculiar question: “What is your ‘don’t ask how I know’ random fact?” The responses that followed were a fascinating journey into the obscure corners of human knowledge, revealing the hidden expertise and curious minds of the online community. Scroll below to read some of the most interesting ones.

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Image source: BITE_AU_CHOCOLAT ·, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

There’s a guy in Germany who has a 1 year waiting list and makes 6 figures making leather harnesses and masks for people who like to roleplay as horses.


Image source: Hutchison5899 ·, Prem Pal Singh Tanwar / Pexels

The antidote if you drink antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is whisky (or any hard alcohol).


Image source: Dragon_Rot79 ·, Tanguy Sauvin / Pexels

There is a species of turtle that can breathe through its butt.


Image source: Snappingslapping ·, Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Earthworms, specifically nightcrawlers are way crunchier than you think.


Image source: OhTheHueManatee, Anita awasthi / Pexels

A pigeon will only eat a Starburst if you chew it up a little bit first. Just to clarify chew the Starburst not the pigeon.


Image source: EngineeringVirgin

Bleach alone doesn’t get rid of blood from a UV light however hydrogen peroxide does for the most part. If you need to clean out a large amount of blood pour hydrogen peroxide on it, wait about 5 mins scrub it then use bleach. After cover the smell with candles or if it’s in the bathroom open a window and turn on the shower for about 10-20 mins.


Image source: the_dumbest_man, Pixabay

A significant component to what makes stealth aircraft stealthy comes down to how their parts are painted.


Image source: RickMosleyReddit

Even if you don’t want to, if you sit in the back of the plane, you have a higher chance of surviving a plane crash.


Image source: Dfiggsmeister, Emily Rose

When a drowning victim is revived, get them to a hospital as soon as possible. Drowning is the leading cause of death of kids from the age of 1 to 7 and is ruled as accidental drowning when it comes to secondary drowning or dry drowning. Basically your lungs are full of water despite being revived. Your lungs will absorb the liquid, but not before your body acidifies from high levels of carbon dioxide. The only chance to survive is to have the lungs pumped with oxygen via cpap machine and time.

Also drowning is extremely quiet. You don’t hear the victim go under. And if you see flailing, do not attempt to save the victim otherwise you’ll become another drowning victim. Throw them a life line and hope their amygdala realizes that there’s a rope or something floating near them and grabs on it.


Image source: uselessInformation89, Daniel Reche / Pexels

A severed human head has a strange uneven weight distribution. So you better hold it tight or you will be known as the guy that dropped the head.


Image source: Tiptopclub13

When Marie Antoinette was awaiting her execution , Her best friend Marie-Thérèse Louise de Savoie Carignan, Princess of Lamballe was taken and tried..They offered her grace only if she swore to Liberty and Equality, and hatred of the King and Queen. She agreed to the first part but refused to claim hatred and denounce her best friend even after her father begged her to in order for her life to be spared….. she was taken to a slaughter yard and a mob brutally m**dered her. Then… the mob decapitated her and crudely impaled her head on a pike… and then placed the pike on front of Marie’s cell window so she could see what had become of her best friend and what fate awaited her.


Image source: Lofe

The Zoroastrians leave their dead in special towers to be eaten by vultures.


Image source: oddidealstronghold, Pixabay / Pexels

If your cat chews on fresh eucalyptus, they might start hallucinating and fall over repeatedly, leading to a $400 emergency vet bill just to be told she’s just kinda high.


Image source: ChemicalEscapes ·, Tirachard Kumtanom / Pexels

Rare af, but sometimes 2 ova are released during ovulation. If you have multiple partners and either very poor (or very good. No judgment) timing, the resulting twins could have different fathers. It’s called heteropaternal superfecundation.


Image source: poop_stains, Miriam Alonso / Pexels

If you work 40 hours a week and spend 10 minutes a day pooping it equals a whole week of paid vacation per year.


Image source: horrescoblue, sipa / Pixabay

Everyone here with the creepy crime stuff and I’m just “A soft-furred rat has 22 nipples”.


Image source: fearthe0cean, Craig Adderley / Pexels

[Ending] someone by smothering them is not a foolproof way to commit m**der, as smothering-caused asphyxiation damages a specific capillary in the eye. The pathologist will check the eye and immediately pronounce the corpse a m**der victim, and there are many, many people in jail around the world that did not know this prior to their conviction.


Image source: Eyouser, Pixabay / Pexels

Wikipedia has shockingly accurate nuclear munitions counts for locations and weapon types.


Image source: Ok_Worth_1093, cottonbro studio / Pexels

TV shows and movies go out of their way to make military/intelligence officers look bad a*s. Real life “spies”, by design and training, are boring. Regular house, standard 2nd hand cars, dress down, have vague boring”-job titles (accounts receivable) as cover and do not draw attention to themselves. Most come from specialized academia.


Image source: Porkonaplane, Pixabay / Pexels

Chlorine gas in ww1 was made industrially by running an electric current through salt water.

The more worrying one: bacon grease mixed with lye makes glycerine. Glycerine with nitric and sulfuric acid makes nitroglycerine. Nitroglycerine with wood pulp makes dynamite.


Image source: Impossible-Curve7249, Polina Zimmerman / Pexels

The German guy who sought to meet men on the internet so he could cut of their genitals, with their permission, and fry them up and eat them. When asked by the judge why he rejected other ‘applicants’, he replied: There was a guy from Italy who wanted to be electrocuted first. I thought he was a bit weird.


Image source: clanculcarius, Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

Old human bones are very porous so if you lick them, they’ll stick to your tongue.


Image source: DiscoInferiorityComp, Department of Defense / Wikipedia

During the 1969-71 occupation of Alcatraz by Native American protestors, a drunken Richard Nixon ordered a nuclear strike of the island, but the order was ignored.


Image source: WrongWayCorrigan-361, Hans-Jurgen Mager / Unsplash

If you ever trying to survive in the arctic, don’t eat polar bear liver. It is so high in vitamin A it will [end] you.


Image source: hefewiseman1, Willis Lam / Wikipedia

Hershey’s chocolate has the strong smell of vomit or feces to some people (me), and that’s because they use butyric acid as a preservative. Butyric acid is the compound that makes vomit smell so bad.

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