Girl Doesn’t Understand Rape So Someone Perfectly Explains It In One Comment

Published 7 years ago

As we know, maybe a little too well, the internet is filled with vile and misinformed opinions bursting out of every corner. But thankfully, there are still plenty of common sense representatives who are willing to educate others.

That’s what recently happened on Twitter when a debate regarding the difference between rape and regretting having sex broke out. One user started explaining her definition of rape to a nursing student, which sparked a wave comments questioning the logic behind her statement.

Check out below the stand-out tweets from that conversation, and let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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This nursing student perfectly summed up the difference between rape and regretting sex on Twitter…

And was countered by this user who disagreed with her

This brilliant comeback, however, exposes the problem with the girl’s argument

Some male users felt particularly perturbed by the supposed ‘revoked consent’ policy

Even female users, especially one rape survivor, took issue with it

There is actually some truth behind what the girl was trying to say

She brutally misfired, though, and the Internet had absolutely no time for it

Do you think consent can be revoked in retrospect, or does this concept harm real victims? Tell us below!


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