20 Women Shared Pictures Of Their Baby Bumps That Show Body Diversity During Pregnancy

Published 2 years ago

Maternity photoshoots have become very popular these days. However, most photos of pregnant women look similar on social media due to lots of editing. Even in movies, we see every pregnant woman with a perfectly smooth round belly, which is often not the case in real life.

Different women have different body types and their baby bumps are different too. Some women get very big bumps while other women’s bellies don’t grow much. Today, we have collected some photos of pregnant women with realistic baby bumps to celebrate body diversity and positivity. Check them out in the gallery below.

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Image source: _brookemaureen


Image source: onelove_cut


Image source:  selflovelegacy


Image source: belle_lucia


Image source: dwilsonphotography


Image source: plusmommy


Image source: paintedmom


Image source: renate.pettersen


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Image source: leanne.x.x


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Image source: _nataliaochmanska_

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