20 Disturbing Things People Experienced In Someone Else’s Home

Published 2 years ago

When we think of horror houses, we usually think of abandoned buildings with dilapidated plywood floors. The scene outside can have thick and leafless trees with crows cawing on the branches and some tall overgrown grass in the lot.

However, for these 20 folks, horror houses don’t necessarily have to be abandoned. As they shared in this Reddit thread, they have experienced horrors in the houses of the very people they know. Scroll below to know the creepy, scary, and spine-chilling stories they ever had when visiting someone.

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was at my girlfriend’s, and in the middle of the night, two kitchen cabinets collapsed. They were packed with plates and glasses.

One cabinet fell onto the sink and completely destroyed the frame around it. Some cups fell into the sink and hit the tap. Of course, plates and glasses were all over the place, covered in an inch of water. The sound when it fell down just freaked me out. My girlfriend was asleep and literally fell off the bed.

It was just such a bummer to clean up, but the moment they fell down and shattered in the dark was frightening.

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At my grandmother’s alone one night, on my computer, when a music box downstairs played a few notes.


Image source: Cuupid, Simon Hurry

When I was like 11, I slept over at my friend’s house, which was in the middle of the country. At 2 am, I heard scratching and pounding at the door, followed by howling.

I woke my friend up and was like, “YO, WHAT IS THAT?” She woke up, looked at me, and just said, “Oh, those are the coyotes. They’re just scratching at the door. Go back to bed.”


Image source: Mighty_potato, Nathan Dumlao

Family told me their house was haunted. I just brushed it off. But one night around 3 am, I was sleeping on the couch, and I could see into the laundry room that had a bunch of empty hangers.

The lights flickered, and all of the clothes hangers crashed onto the floor. I was petrified.


Image source: Katecyi, Kool C

I was 14 or 15 and spent many weekends at my friend’s house. One day we discovered that her mom’s boyfriend has a hidden camera in her room, under her desk. I was supposed to go on vacation with them and my mom told me she didn’t feel comfortable with him, we found that camera a week later. Thanks mom!!


Image source: _Bunshun, happyskrappy

I was house sitting for an aunt of mine while she was on holiday – she told me there was a leak in the lounge area but it was fixed, so if there were any issues to let her know.

A massive storm happened a couple nights in. I heard some trickling in the early hours so I went to go check that there wasn’t a leak.

The entire wall was flooding with water, like an actual waterfall. Turns out the spouting was blocked and the water was just forcing its way through the cracks in the wall.

I knew it wasn’t my fault, but it was so terrifying watching someone’s house fall apart on your watch, just piling towels on the floor and shifting furniture to keep everything dry.


Image source: op_249, wu yi

When I was like 8 or 9 I was at a relative’s house for a family gathering when one of my distant relatives flipped out and grabbed a kitchen knife. I don’t remember the details but I’m pretty sure he was threatening people. I remember being ushered into a side room with everyone else and being cramped in there for like a minute or two just listening while a few male relatives who had remained outside with the guy encircled him, got him to calm down, and disarmed him. I learned later that the dudes brain was like partially fried or something from drug abuse. Never saw him at any family gatherings again after that.


Image source: Jerkbot69, Scott Rodgerson

It was my parents home. They asked me to house sit. The neighbors knew they were gone and called the cops on me. I guess the cops just hung out outside waiting for the (presumed) burglars to come out but when that didn’t happen and the lights went out they decided to come in. I awoke to a bunch of cops shouting at me with drawn guns and flashlights shining blinding me and backlighting the pistol pointing right in my face.


Image source: dimsious, Lux Graves

I once spent the night at a friend’s house. His drunken uncle shook me awake and then my friend as well with all the noise he was making. I opened my eyes starlted to see a gun to my face and he demanding who the F i was. I was scared speechless and just looked at my friend hoping hexd chip in for me. He did. He said, “Uncle! That’s my friend! Chill! Uncle! That’s my friend!” His uncle then put it down and just walked away as if nothing had happened. He was drunk . . .


Image source: joeyjojojnrshabadu, fbhk

About 14 years old. Sleeping over at my friend’s house, and in the middle of the night we heard some rustling around in her enclosed patio (which was adjacent to the living room we were sleeping in.) We shrugged it off because she had two very active outdoor cats who generally slept in the patio. When we woke up the next morning and went out there to eat breakfast, we saw the screen door had been slashed and several pieces of furniture (TV, etc) were gone. So the rustling we heard in the middle of the night were actually burglars. Not sure if they knew that several teenage girls were in the living room, but still freaks me out a bit when I think about it…


Image source: anon, Sander Sammy

slept on a former friends sofa, he decided to “prank me” by pretending to be a bugler wearing a ski mask, then he pretended to try and “kidnap me”, long story short i broke his nose, and we are no longer friends.


Image source: katie_the_chaser, Kari Shea

I was catsitting for some family friends. As I approached the house one evening, I noticed a light was on that hadn’t been on that morning. I walked in the front door and yelled up the stairs, but didn’t hear anything. There were small things that had been moved around (a knife on the counter and some trinkets, etc) but nothing was missing except the cat (it never came running for its food). I checked all the rooms but no sign of the kitty. I even checked the fridge, and noticed the pepperoni had been moved from the shelf to the drawer. Why did the cat burgular move the damn pepperoni?!?

Well it turned out that the family had a maid that I didn’t know about and she had accidentally closed the cat in a closet…


Image source: PM_Skunk, Luz Fuertes

Sleepover at best friend’s house when I was about 12. Middle of the night after we’d fallen asleep, he wakes up and starts screaming that his head is going to explode. Not a bad dream, he keeps going, just screaming and crying and thrashing around. His parents wake up, scoop him up, and rush him to the hospital.

Turned out he’d just never had a headache before, and his first was apparently a doozy.


Image source: PeeWaterPoopNoodles, Paul Cross

I was 18 and my friend and I were alone at her house. Her parents were going through a nasty divorce and her dad (who had anger problems) was not allowed to come near the house because the mom had a restraining order. He ended up banging on the door and trying to break in since he knew the mom wasn’t home. We hid in my friend’s room with a samurai sword while she called her mom to come home.


Image source: stellar6388, NordWood Themes

Friends dad showed me porn and asked me if I knew what a hard penis felt like. I was 10. Haven’t told anyone I know irl


Image source: th3mo0n, Randy Tarampi

Age 6-8ish. Slept over at a friend’s house with my little brother. Her father woke us all up in the middle of the night, had us bundle up, and loaded us in the family minivan. He drove to a gas station and talked the whole way about how a bakery exploded behind their house. He said the resulting gases and such could kill us, so we had to try and drive as far away as possible.

They were also our next-door neighbors, so I was worried about our parents’ safety. At the gas station, our friend’s mom bought us snacks while he canvassed the area. I told her I didn’t hear any explosion and asked about my parents. She must have called them from a pay phone during the snack run, because they pulled up a few minutes later to take us home. I was, of course, terrified to go home.

Later, our parents sat us down to explain that our friend’s father was sick with something called schizophrenia that makes him hallucinate.


Image source: ifyoudothemath, Tatiana Rodriguez

The first time meeting my boyfriend’s family, who live in another country, we stayed in his old attic bedroom. In the middle of the night, he reaches over and shakes me awake. “Huh?” I mumble and he says, “shhh… be very still…I think there is someone else in the house.” I lay motionless, thinking that someone has broken in and I’m about to be psycho murdered. Listening to the sounds of the old creaky attic, convinced every gust of wind is a foot step. He puts his arm around my head, covering my ears. I don’t move for hours in fear… until I hear him snoring.

And that was the night I discovered, for the first time, he talks in his sleep.

I’ll share 1 of the (many) other stories of his sleep-talking:

We were in bed discussing things we need to pick up at the store. I was making a mental note, “so… eggs, milk, bread… I think that’s all… anything else?” He goes, “oh, can you add rope to the list?” I go “yeah, sure.” A few seconds pass. “Wait, what do we need rope for?” “For the net,” He says. “Cool… what net?” “You know, the net for the trap.” “What trap?!” “The trap for Vince Vaughn! We have to stop him… stop him before he kills us.”


Image source: TruthTacos, Mert Kahveci

Slept over at my friend’s house one summer night during high school. Woke up to his mom calling out to him because his step dad was unresponsive and passed away during the night.


Image source: anon, Giorgio Trovato

When I was 8 or 9, my friend’s dad yelled at me, angrily, for pooping at their house. I lived down the street, so he told me that I should have went home to poop.


Image source: TheApprenticeLife, TheApprenticeLife

My mom and stepdad went out of town and hired a pet-sitter for five days. I was feeling burnt-out from work, and I needed to do Christmas shopping (my mom lives two hours away near a lot of good shopping), so I asked her if I could stay at her house for two days…

The second day, I was maybe five minutes from leaving the house, when I heard a noise outside. I stood up but realized it was a neighbor loading something into their truck. As my eyes shifted away from the truck, I saw smoke. It was coming from behind the couch, almost like when you blow out a candle, but I hadn’t lit any candles.

I went around to the back to see actual flames inside the couch. I was so confused, but I filled up a thing of water and threw it into the burning couch. I did it a few times, to be safe, then reached in to feel for hot spots. The wood inside the couch was all hot to the touch. It eventually cooled down and the fire was out, but I was still pretty confused as to how the couch caught fire… I slid the small table that was behind the couch back into place and noticed a focused beam of light on the couch.

My mom likes to decorate and has a glass/crystal ball on the table… This crystal ball has been in the same spot, on the same table, with the same couch, for almost a year, with no issues. This one day where the sun came in at a perfect angle and I happened to be at the house when nobody should have been there, the ball focused the beam into a fire starter. They would have lost the house, the dog, everyone’s Christmas presents. Everything. Because of a stupid table ornament.

Pic for proof: the burnt opening looks small, but it was mostly burning inside the couch.

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