Men Share In This Online Thread 20 Struggles They Wish To Stop Being Judged For

Published 2 years ago

As the world becomes more open and accepting, women’s rights to almost everything are slowly making their way into the public. Today, thanks to the advancement in our civilization, more women (than maybe a century ago) enjoyed more rights such as the right of suffrage, representation, education, and abode. Women are slowly being freed from the chains of patriarchy and are slowly accepted into the arms of society.

While we wish for this progress to continue, we also hope that the gender equality we’ve been pushing for also applies to men. It turns out that, not only in this Reddit thread but also throughout the world, men also have their struggles because of their gender. For example, while women are now allowed to express themselves, men are trapped and are criticized for expressing their emotions. We will learn all of that struggles and more below.

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I’m not a rapist because I’m out at night. I’m not a predator because I have a child in my company. I’m not dangerous because you’re defenseless. I’m not a creep because you can’t tell why I’m there. I’m not an incel because you don’t have empathy for men.

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Parenting kids, Working in primary education and being babysitters. People just automatically assume that when a man is doing these things that he’s a pedophile and not to be trusted. But women are never suspect? It doesn’t make sense. If you are concerned with protecting your kids from unsavory individuals, do a background check.


Being happy. Idc if we’re wearing PPE and everyone on this jobsite is a depressed alcoholic, I’m gonna whistle once in a while and wear my SpongeBob socks.

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Being lonely and depressed.


Having a tea party with their daughter.

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Having trust issues with women. We are suppose to accept women have trust issues with men, but guys are taken less seriously even when they have solid reasons.


Complimenting women. I was walking past this lady with brilliant bright pink hair and said “I love your hair”. She looked at me like I was insane… :(

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Taking long showers. I wish that I was able to take a long shower without everybody in the household thinking I’m having a wank.

I just want to enjoy hot water, it’s relaxing.


Image source: AJSK18, Tom Sodoge

Taking the sudden wide step to free our balls from sticking to our thigh


Image source: Ourobius, jinto mathew

Being short. Literally no one has control over their height. Judge people for the things they *can* control.


Image source: Crossfyre13, Andrew Neel

Showing emotion, or not showing emotion. We should get to choose how we feel.


Image source: Tebowtime195, Helena Lopes

Drinking cocktails instead of beer. Or “girly drinks”. It’s my money dammit and I’m gonna drink something that tastes good


Image source: aleee_j0, Miriam Alonso

not peeing standing up. sitting is so much more comfortable


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Interacting with kids. Especially younger kids, the majority of men arnt pedophiles.


Image source: Axolotl_SAM, Ahmet Polat

For not having a house, not having a car, or not being financially stable. I’m doing what I can, ok?


Image source: wolf_talon, Alex Green

Seeking support with mental health. I grew up in an environment where this wasn’t ok, but in adulthood I very much needed help working through things and didn’t have the tools or understanding to do it alone.


Image source: SeanG909, GRAY

Stoicism. I get it’s the modern era and people wanna be open about their feelings and be free to cry. But it cuts both ways. If a man wants to keep their emotions private and in check, he shouldn’t be judged as being regressive or cold.


Image source: Overall_Sandwich_671, Anna Vander Stel

complimenting another man.


Image source: gloebe10, Kelli McClintock

Taking their full paternity leave as permitted by their employer.


“Patriarchy” or being a sucessfull white man even though I was born in poverty..

It’s not my fault the world was how it was before I was born.. I don’t belittle women or think they are lesser..

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