20 People Share The Most Heartwarming Animal Fun Fact They Know

Published 2 years ago

Today is a Friday, and do you know what that means? It’s Fun Fact Friday! No, actually, I just made that up. But if you’re looking for random facts just to feed your brain’s curiosity, then welcome! You’ve come to the right place!

The Redditor pancakebunny15 asked Internet strangers for the best and wholesome animal facts they know. We scoured through the thread to deliver you this list of 20 heartwarming trivia you wouldn’t have known about the animal kingdom!

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A group of ladybugs is called a Loveliness :3

Source: FroggiJoy87


Bearded dragons wave to communicate greeting and that they aren’t a threat. When you wave to a bearded dragon and it waves back at you, you’re literally speaking the same language with the same intent.

Source: RozenQueen


Image source: OkLack6837, Svetozar Cenisev

When they hear running water, beavers will automatically start to build a dam. We know this because people put a speaker playing sounds of running water next to beavers, and the first thing they did was start building a dam on the speaker.


Image source: VivaLaVict0ria, Betty Chen

During the Australian wildfires, wombats started extending their burrows to other animals in need even including birds and reptiles and had different “rooms” set up for each species to stay safe and even started digging their “entryways” bigger for bigger animals like sheep ? ?


Dogs look at you when they’re pooping because they feel they’re in a vulnerable position and they trust you enough to protect them if something dangerous happens.

Source: -eDgAR-


Image source: couch_potato235, Maddy Weiss

Mama cats can sense when their kitten(s) are having nightmares, so they tightly pull them into a hug and lick their faces to aid them


Image source: PearlStreetBlues, Hkyu Wu

Pigeons are not wild animals, they are feral. Every pigeon in your city is descended from escaped domesticated birds. You could catch and tame a pigeon just like any stray dog or cat.


Image source: valiantAcquaintance, Paul Hanaoka

Cats sleep on your shoes because they are comforted by your scent. They may also sleep on your sheets or laundry.


A lot of animals love Capybaras cause they’re just so chill and lay around. It’s basically the animal kingdom equivalent of that one pothead you hang around because they’re mellow 24/7.

Source: Pixel_Knight7


The Saimaa seal, native to the Finnish lake Saimaa, is making a slow recovery and will likely cease from being extremely endangered in a few years. The population has doubled to 300 in 20 years.

Source: IceClimbers_Main


Image source: CapaxInfini, Cynthia Smith

Dogs love us just as much as we love them.

Scientists studied their brainwaves and they showed a significant difference between being shown the image of a stranger and the image of their owner. Furthermore, the “pleasure center” of their brain shows more activity with humans than it does with other dogs


Similar to cats, goats have scent markers on the top of their head that they will use to rub against their favorite humans to “claim them.”

Source: Hamburrgergirl


Image source: anon, Antoine Plüss

Zebras can’t sleep alone which leads to my theory Marty spent like 80% of the Madagascar movies as a raging insomniac hence explaining his erratic personality at times


Image source: ExponentSoda811, Bonnie Kittle

In Switzerland it is illegal to own only one Guinea Pig as they get lonely


Image source: NickSlayr, Janet 59

Cats will knead throughout life because of when they were kittens with their mother. If a Cat kneads on you, I know it may hurt, but they see you as their parent/family and they have a somewhat deep connection with you.


Image source: OffBeatBerry_707, Jeffry Surianto

There’s an aquarium in Japan that has eels who are antisocial, but because of the constant exposure to people, they’ve learned to be comfortable with humans. But due to the pandemic, eels went back to being isolated creatures, until the aquarium decided to FaceTime the eels. Yes, FaceTiming eels.

They eventually went back to be comfortable to humans.


Foxes aren’t as solitary creatures as people think. In fact (especially in urban situations), Vixens will often group up together and take care of each other’s babies. One watches over the kits, while the others go out and hunt.

Vixens are also known to simply adopt orphaned kits and raise them as their own.

Source: kibufox


Image source: -cake-and-cosplay-, Yerlin Matu

if a cat blinks slowly at you it’s giving you a hug and if you blink slowly back you can give it a hug in its language


Image source: zyzioYwY, Daniel Quiceno M

Cows have best friends


Some Sharks will let divers pet them, and then drive away other Sharks who try to get cuddly with ‘their’ Human.

Source: Ace_Of_No_Trades

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