This Artist Creates Digital Art To See What These 10 Popular Characters Would Look Like If They Were Humans

Published 2 years ago

Hossein Diba, an artist based in Turkey, creates interesting characters for ‘games, collectibles, cinematics, and movies’. The artist says on artstation “I have been designing Characters & Creatures for different projects since 2008. I have been working both as fulltime & freelance artist and have Strong knowledge about Human Anatomy.”

Recently, Diba decided to illustrate some of our favorite popular cartoon and game characters in their 3D human-like forms. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Popeye or Elastic Girl would look like if they were real humans, check out some of his amazing works in the gallery below.

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#1 Popeye The Sailor Man

Image source: hossein.diba

#2 Bob Parr From The Incredibles

Image source: hossein.diba

#3 Jessica Rabbit

Image source: hossein.diba

#4 Russell From Up

Image source: hossein.diba

#5 Carl Fredricksen From Up

Image source: hossein.diba

#6 Ralph Wiggum From The Simpsons

Image source: hossein.diba

#7 Peter Griffin From Family Guy

Image source: hossein.diba

#8 Max Payne

Image source: hossein.diba

#9 Stinky Pete From Toy Story

Image source: hossein.diba

#10 Helen Parr (Elastigirl) From The Incredibles

Image source: hossein.diba

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