35 Memes And Posts Related To The ’80s And ’90s Era That Younger Generation Might Not Be Able To Understand

Published 7 months ago

Nostalgia has an incredible ability to transport us back to simpler times. For those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, the mere mention of these decades brings a rush of fond memories. It was an era marked by neon clothing, walkmans, and Saturday morning cartoons.

The Facebook group “80s & 90s Kids Everywhere!” is a digital treasure trove of nostalgia, and it’s not just a group; it’s a time machine that lets you relive those carefree days through a collection of delightful memes. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: Deatrice Blankenship

Abel : “Those were the worst. To call anybody you need time and patience. “‘Mark nine tukutukutuku mark five…””

Lindzy Gee : “I really like these old phones the swinging of the dial beneath youre finger and the clicking on the return motion i also love typewriters (born in the wrong era) but it takes all sorts . I’m all for progression and phones now are nothing short of amazing but nothing engages you more than nostalgia and memories even if we look at them from a new fandanggled modern super phone.”

Marlena Jones : “And hanging up on someone was SO Much more satisfying when you could SLAM the receiver down.”


Image source: Domonique Confer

Lisa T : “Also highly flammable. Had to be careful lighting your cigarettes.”

Daphne Y : “When our hairstyles floated inches above our heads. :) Good times, good times.”


Image source:  Kimberley Romani

Multa Nocte : “EXCUUUUUSE me, that wasn’t dumb!”

Windtree : “Well, I thought he was awesome, same with Earnest.”


Image source: Maggie Skolos

LMW : “Level of anxiety during this part=off the charts”

Bent Screw (she/her) 🇨🇦 : “Haunts me to this day!”


Image source: Kevin Koch

Subaru645 : “Someone sacrificed their lungs for that jacket”


Image source: Russell Mathis

Terry Tobias : “This is absolutely what it was like. If we were lucky it was a friend with a pool in the summer.”

Janet Sparrow : “It was everybody’s surf boards on the lawn for me.”


Image source: Junasia Leftwich

Eevi : “Omg I thought I was the only one with creepy dude in my pockets!!”

Pieter LeGrande : “No pocket device is gunna have the volume of that ghetto.”


Image source: MaliK Says

Molly Whuppie : “Some of us predate home computers.”

Ildi Tóth : “Sweet Jeebus, I was in high school when a friend of mine got a Commodore 64. We were behind the Iron Curtain, though, new developments in western technology did not reach us right away.”


Image source: Jami Smith

Kevin Ber : “I remember when they still had leaded gasoline at the pumps. But I still feel the pain on the back of my hand when those license plates would slap it when you tried unscrewing the gas cap from the back of your car.”


Image source: Nostalgia Video

SCamp : “Geordi La Forge! 🤘”

Cara G : “Butterfly in the skyyyyyy!!!!”


Image source: Bailey Gorman

sbj : “This was worse than losing your own socks”

Ellisdogs : “Oh god this hit me right in the nostalgia”

El Cucuy : “For boys it was the tongue depresser things that connected pieces of race track…”


Image source: April Christina

Xray0976 : “Listening to Bon Jovi’s Livin on A Prayer!!!”


Image source: Little Red Wolf

JammaCoast2Coast : “1. Bevis & Butthead, 2. Married with Children/The Bundys, 3. Roseanne/The Connors, 4. The Simpsons, 5. Full House/The Tanners, 6. Fresh Prince of Bel Air/The Banks”


Image source: Myrisa Mora

SCamp : “And that slide in the background. Check the size on that sucker”

AreYouGoingToEatThatPickle? : “I have a HUGE scar on my knee from flying off of one of these over 30 years ago. Good times!”

Princeofdarkness : “Threw up on one of these when I was younger”


Image source: Dean Darden

Cjo : “I certainly never made it without biting it. But the owl had the right number. :-)”

featherytoad : “They are still running this commercial. One of my favorite commercials as a kid was the Hamm’s Beer commercials”

Stuart : “The owl always cheated”


Image source: Kaylee Merry

LMW : “Helicopters! We would open them and stick them on our noses”


Image source: Paloma Rodriguez

WIERD QUEEN RAYSUN<3 : “i had to go the hospital because i broke one open and drank it. i was fine i think”


Image source: Myrisa Mora

Liam Hay : “They didn’t, like, stop making these.”

El Cucuy : “I saw some last Halloween. They stopped coloring the ends red. Now they’re just a plain white stick.”

Bols : “We used to buy them in my school for April’s fools and put in an empty pack of real cigarettes and put somewhere teachers could find, the pure evil look in their eyes when they thought for a second they busted us :D”


Image source: Jami Smith

LMW : “I can hear this picture”


Image source: Rachel Jolean Engler

Gimme that Cash : “They look better than they taste.”

Gay Panic : “I can’t tell you how many of thing have been sent flying across the neighborhood.”


Image source: Little Red Wolf

LMW : “Best times”

Linus Bourque : “It’s interesting. I just read an article (NY Times or Washington Post) about how kids today aren’t given enough of a chance to be children, to explore and play however they want to. And (surprise surprise) this is having an impact on mental health (anxiety).”

Spocks’s Mom : “I’ve done all of this as a kid except for jumping over garage roofs.”


Image source: Neurospicy Geek Girl

Liam Hay : “We literally played Oregon Trail in school in the 00s. Since they used it in like one class for like a day out of the year, the website version wouldn’t be blocked on school computers and we’d play it whenever we got the chance.”


Image source: Jessica Kallhoff

Cyndielouwhoo : “In fairness, somebody’s aunt Linda is still sharing those half-baked “facts”…she just has a wider audience with the Internet.”

NoCleverName : “My parents had the full set of Encyclopedia Britannica. If we asked and they didn’t know we were told “I dunno, why doncha go lookitup.” I found it annoying at the time but in retrospect we were far from wealthy growing up and have that set of books was a pretty big deal and pretty awesome of them.”


Image source: Junasia Leftwich

Liam Hay : “Should probably get rid of the computer on the back porch that this is giving trauma flashbacks to.”


Image source: Jersis Khokhri

LMW : “Lmao! Soooo accurate!”

Glen Ellyn : “Not to mention that there weren’t 8 minutes of commercials per 30 minutes of show. Half-hour shows used to be 26 minutes with just 4 minutes of ads.”


Image source: Sharie Harris

Spocks’s Mom : “My hero!!!!! 😍”

Mr. Nurse Man : “This show is an absolute gem to rewatch as an adult.”


Image source: Danielle Robinson

sbj : “Also to ask where’s this and that”


Image source: Shannon Rachel

ynyrhydref56 : “This is still so cool to me”

Tracy Wallick : “I kinda wish we’d bring back transparent electronics, I think they’re neat.”


Image source: Jersis Khokhri

LMW : “Yup! The absolute WORST was ‘Popcorn’ reading”

ExtraObserver : “I hated this because I read so much faster than listening. I’d be pages ahead. Always felt to me like it was a break for the teacher.”


Image source: sadgirlkms


Image source: Akash Ahmed Rajib


Image source: Maggie Skolos


Image source: Deatrice Blankenship


Image source: Nostalgia Video


Image source: Jared Rompilla

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