Automechanics Recreate Classical Paintings In Their Garage

Published 9 years ago

If you want to pay a tribute to great artists of old, why not get help from mechanics? That’s what Freddy Fabris did to get a unique twist on the works of Renaissance painters. The mechanics, clad in overalls and tools in hand, posed in an auto-shop. The result is interesting and instantly recognizable.

“For many years I wanted to pay homage the great Renaissance masters,” Fabris wrote on Huffington Post. “Translating painting into photography was a challenge I looked forward to. I wanted to respect the look and feel of the originals, but needed to come up with a conceptual twist that would create a new layer to the original. To take them out of their original context, yet maintain their essence.” Freddy Fabris was born in New York, raised in Buenos Aires, and has worked with the advertising industry for 16 years.

More info: (h/t: huffpost)

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