20 Of The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Names People Gave To Their Children

Published 3 years ago

Some people like to poke fun at parents for giving their children “boring” names, like Ed, Bob or Jill, even though there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s really wrong, however, is when parents go to the opposite end of this “naming spectrum”, and come up with children’s names that sound like the flavors of Monster Energy drinks.

About a month ago, Reddit user u/Hasden2007 asked other members of the platform to list some of the worst names you could give to your child, and ended up receiving thousands of answers, with each one being worse than the other. Check out some of the most bizarre names people heard parents give their children in the gallery below!

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Image source: Bobik8

X Æ A-12


Image source: captainmagictrousers

My coworker named her baby “Strawberry Rain”, which would be a great name if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo


Image source: RoyalGelly

I have heard of many bad names, but Sex Fruit is probably the worst I have seen.


Image source: ettowa

Jack Cass, I know it’s bad because it’s my name


Image source: Anonymouspapayaz

Tequila. Sibling was Margarita


Image source: peachxstile

theres a british chef, jamie oliver, who named his children the following:

poppy honey rosie

petal blossom rainbow

buddy bear maurice

daisy boo pamela

river rocket blue dallas someone call childline


Image source: ViridianKumquat

Peter File


Image source: Awesomesause88

Mystic Pigeon? She was a client at my office.

Apparently it’s a real surname and her parents were hippies so named her “Mystic”. Like who’s ever going to take her seriously??


Image source: katabatic21

I know a family with 4 kids: Prince, Princess, Precious, and Becca. The Becca at the end kills me lol


Image source: NotEvenJohn

How about not giving your child a name? There was a kid I went to high school with whose legal first name was “Unnamed Baby Boy”. I don’t know the story behind that though.


Image source: ugly_crier420

Princess. A girl in my high school was legally named princess but she went by her middle name. There was also a girl who’s name was Sunny Day and she was the emo kid


Image source: TumblrIsTheBest

My mum once worked at a school and there was a kid called “Thank God”.


Image source: Open-Zebra

I worked in Nigeria for a while and had a co-worker called Thank God Limejuice. It wasn’t a windup. That was his actual name


North West

Image source: modsherearebattyboys


Image source: LilPeaHen

I actually went to school with a guy named Richard Rash. To make it worse his mother was a teacher there


Image source:  estoniansweetener

When I worked at chick-fil-a way back in the day, I was taking this girl’s order and it time time to ask for her name, she was being very hesitant. So I was just waiting for a reply until her mom says “Sorry she’s shy!!” looks me in the eyes with a smile and tells me “Her name is Thankful!” ….poor child


Image source: tboner1969

A friend of a friend was named ‘Forsheeza Jolly Goodfellow’ before she had it changed. Can’t even imagine having to deal with that at school


Image source: larrymoencurly

Pridges Pancakes. He changed it to Richard Johnson.

But Olympic skier Anna Banana kept her name.


Image source: CauldronOfCum

Abcde (pronounce ab-city)


Image source:  Williukea


Just a Baby.

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