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20 Times People Wondered How Did Parents Come Up With Such An Odd Name For Their Kid

Published 1 year ago

Some people like to make fun of parents who give their children “boring” names, like Jim, Rob, or Kate, even though there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s really wrong, however, is when parents go to the opposite end of this “naming spectrum”, and come up with children’s names that sound ridiculous.

Today we have compiled a list of some of the weirdest names people spotted on the internet and shared online. Check out some of the most bizarre names parents gave their children in the gallery below!

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#1 Beezow

#2 To Briefly Return To A Previous Theme Of “Great Names”.if You Need A Vasectomy In The Austin Texas Area – Dr Dick Chopp Is Your Guy

Image source: timesromanau

#3 B. J. Day

Image source:

#4 I See Your Most Unfortunate High School Teacher Name, And Raise You A Most Unfortunate Elementary School Teacher Name

Image source: Int0TheV0id

#5 The Big Question Of The Commonwealth Games

Image source: acslaytaa

#6 Saw This Last Name On The News Today

Image source: rhodapenmark

#7 These Were The Names Of My Dad’s Teachers In Pre-School

Image source: Infection233

#8 Now That’s A Great Name For A Neuroscientist

Image source: somedaveguy

#9 Surely A Form Of Child Abuse?

Image source:

#10 Great Name For A Marijuana Researcher

Image source: xilefogayole3

#15 And The Award For The Worst Name Goes To

Image source: AlphabetSmut

#11 Dat Ho

Image source: ticktock44

#12 What An Interesting Name…

Image source: OneCello

#13 “Hey Guy, What’s Your Name?”

Image source: Drink_Clorox_and_Die

#14 A Republican Candidates Unfortunate Name

Image source: tillicum

#15 Perfect Name For A Lawyer

Image source: timmaeus

#16 When You Think Criminal Names Aren’t Obvious Enough

Image source: FilmReviewer101

#17 Tiny Kox

Image source:

#18 Unfortunate Name Tag I Found At Work

Image source: derptree

#19 Unfortunate Name

Image source: LeakyDeadstick

#20 Boss Last Name

Image source: NumeroUnoHueHue

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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