This Rainbow-Colored Fish Is Born Female But Turns Into A Male Later

Published 1 year ago

The rose-veiled fairy wrasse (Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa) was discovered by scientists around the waters of the Maldives. Found 40 and 70 meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, this fish sparks extra attention not just because of its colorful body, but also because it exhibits the phenomenon of sexual transformation, which is rare in nature.

Deep-diving scientists have found this unique fish in the mesophotic (or twilight) zone of the ocean. In an interview with The Guardian, Dr. Yi-Kai Tea (postdoctoral fellow at the Australian Museum Research Institute in Sydney) says, “The mesophotic zone is one of the least explored regions in coral reefs. This area is generally situated at an awkward depth – not deep enough to survey with submarines, too complex to trawl and dredge, and too deep to dive with traditional scuba techniques.”

h/t: [The Guardian]

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Image source: Yi-Kai Tea/California Academy of Sciences

According to The Guardian, “In order to photograph and collect specimens in the mesophotic zone, scientists use specialised diving gear that recirculates exhaled air rather than blowing bubbles straight into the water as regular scuba divers do. By carefully controlling the mix of gases, scrubbing out excess carbon dioxide and adding more oxygen as required, rebreather divers can extend their dives to 100 metres.”

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

This fish begins its life with vivid purple scales and, as it turns into a male, its body starts changing colors. The male species finally obtain rainbow-like colors in adulthood.

Image source: Yi-Kai Tea/California Academy of Sciences

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