Creative Dad Makes Educational Pancakes For His Kids

Published 10 years ago

Pancakes are a joy to the stomachs of children and adults, coming in a variety of tastes, fillings and shapes as big as their appetites. However, few of us have gone as far with our pancakes as extraordinarily creative math teacher and stay-at-home dad Nathan Shields, who uses his expert illustration skills to turn breakfast pancakes into a never-ending fun and educational activity.

From Star Wars and Hobbit characters to diverse sea and land creatures, Shields makes a new interesting lesson for breakfast each morning, making sure his kids get a square meal and some new information about the world to think about as well. And the biggest lesson his kids get is that learning can certainly be fun!

More info: Website (h/t: laughingsquid)

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Human internal organs

Animal skulls






Shields and his family enjoying his creations

Find out how Shields makes these pancakes in the video:

Got wisdom to pour?



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